Another go!


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After my mega binges in December :mad: i put on quite a few lbs which has spurred me on to start SS+ again. My first weigh in is tonight so that will be my re-start weight tho I've been back on track since last Friday (started on 1000, then 810 and now SS+) so i should have lost some of the excess baggage:D.

I'm hoping that this time i'll get the last stone and half off coz i'm fed up dieting and wanna learn how to maintain:rolleyes:.

Please wish me good luck!
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Hi Jaxie

I'm totally with you! You havent done that much damage...Ive done a little more 3 stone over my lowest weight and it dont feel good!! Been on/off all 08 nad want to have a smoother more focused ride this time in 09! Day 1 for me today. Need to get to grips with the water. I know I'll feel better by weekend about the packs and also less bloated....just set myself a new ticker and signature, hoping it will help to focus. Good luck, xx


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S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks Wagonwheel!!:) I came off CD gradually for my hols in July and was just over a stone from goal and couldn't really get back into it. I managed to maintain until Christmas where i lost the plot a bit but have got back control and have no probs getting back to my original lowest weight - it's just the extra stone that will be the problem:(! The thought of going back to shakes isn't appealing although i keep telling myself that a month should do it!
Am on day 2 of SS+ so another day or so should see me in ketosis and hopefully things will get a bit easier after that!:cool:


I ♥ CD !!
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hi there remember me !!
lve had a bit of a binge myself over the xmas and am on cd again (managed to get it here in dubai) Have put on a few lbs as well but thank god have managed to keep nearly all my weight off!! good luck with restart and say hello to debz32 for me have a brill new year ann


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S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Anne! Course I remember you! All well in Dubai? Bet ya it's rather warmer where you are! Good work keeping weight off! Can't believe you found CD there! How good is that!? Debz still as good as ever! I shall keep you posted and likewise! Have struggled all day today and nibbled a bit. Killer headache. Hope tomoz is better!


Hi Jaxie

Looking at your goal and taregt I can't believe how alike we are. I started at the same weight and actually hit the target weight you are aiming for in about October. Since then there has been a steady falling off the wagon so that Iweigh 1/2 pound more than you!.

Weird that. I too came off for hols in July and I gernealyy behaved myself but wasn't 100% o n diet losing the last stone.
On day 2 of ss+. Feeling a bit cold despite temp in house set to 24.5 c
Also I'd forgotten how many trips to the loo you make on this amount of water. lol!
My new best friend is................................the toilet!

Take care and best of luck with the final pesky few pounds.



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how you getting on girl? well done for getting so far last year xx