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Another hopeful newbie

Hi there, I thought I’d introduce myself as I’ve spent so long reading everyone’s posts I feel like I know you all. I’m starting on Exante this morning & I’m nervous & kinda excited, having read so many inspiring blogs. I’ve never done anything like this before. I’ve got endometriosis & as a result I’ve gone on a course of steroids, which did not suit me @ all & had a terrible effect on my body. I just ballooned apart from that I had a virus, which was misdiagnosed last year & that left me out of work & inactive for nine months which added to my girth.

I was always an active gym goer but after the virus & hormone treatment my level of ability just dropped. I love the gym now I gather I won’t be very active while doing the VLCD but I intend to carry on doing free weights or something. The gym is my mental health outlet where I forget work in the evening. I need it to switch off.

Now I feel guilty saying that I’m only a size 14 because I know that is not obese but it is double the size I’m used to being. I’ve lost my mojo, my confidence is completely shattered, my husband never gets any action as I hide my body go to bed late & get up extra early to hide from him.

I’m from a family of very thin (naturally) people who do not understand why I shun shopping with them. I am annoyed that I’m like this & I’m also annoyed that my self worth is so tightly wound up in the superficial aspect of my outward appearance. I hate having to smile & carry on as if I’m on top of the world, all the time hating what I’ve become.

I will not be able to post during work & I’m doing this on the sly as my husband would only tell me to move more & eat less & I’ll be fine but I’m impatient & need to see results fast. I know I’ll be able to maintain it once I shed the wobble cos I’m just desperate to get back to normal.

Sorry for whinging on.
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Rebel without a calorie
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Hi and welcome to the forum. I can relate to how you're feeling and know a lot of others will too. Most of us have come to this out of desperation and you're not alone feeling the way you do about yourself.
This is a tough diet but the results speak for themselves. The speed of the loss is very motivating and here you can be totally honest and open about the things you can't speak to your friends and family about. We're all in the same boat!
Good luck and remember to drink plenty of the oh so delicious water :)


Taking the Scenic Route..
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Hi Orlaie and welcome :)

I can totally second the hiding yourself from our hubby part. I too am far too concious to be intimate with my husband right now, as i am now at my biggest and i know he hates me this way! :(

Just wanted to say good luck with your start today! Im sure we have all felt/feeling the same way you are :rolleyes:



reaching my goal
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Hi and welcome i totaly relate to how you feel , i also keep the lights turned off and try to hide my self under the covers before the other half sees me .Its horrible and i dont want to feel like that ever again and thats why im re-starting exante before i put on all the weight ive lost . I hope that it goes well for you and you have a great loss, just remember that you wont have big numbers every week but celebrate your loss anyway its still a loss. Keep us updated we all want you to do well .
Thank you all very much. It truly means a lot that people have replied & are on the same mission as me. So far today I've had my chocolate shake, although it was later than I had hoped because my mother arrived over this morning. I lied to her & pretended I’d had my porridge as usual, needs must. Wishing you all the best on your journeys too.

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just wanted to say very best of luck - the great thing about a VLCD is the fast results keep you motivated - you'll be where you want to be in no time - and after the first few days when you may feel hungry and possibly have a headache you feel great
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Welcome :) and good luck! this is a great forum for support, advice and anything else you wish to discuss (vent :p)
It's a great distraction if you ever feel tempted to stray from the Exante path ;)
Hope our paths cross as I am new here this time, and only on Day 8 now myself :rolleyes: but really dont think I would be where I am without the support of the very nice lads and ladies here!:grouphugg:
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Hi i have been away for a few days but wanted to say hi and good luck xx

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