Another Ketosis question


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Ok on week 3 of my VLCD dieting adventure. Did two weeks on LL (found it too expensive and hated 90% of the flavours). Moved to CD last Thursday and all has been going well. The flavours are yummy, still drinking around 4ltrs of water, and thought I was doing great as not at all hungry.
However I tested for Ketosis yesterday and the stick hardly moved from the beige colour...and now I am reall worried that I may be out of Ketosis.....I will be gutted if I am. Can anyone reassure me please?
If you havent eaten anything you'll still be in ketosis. The best time to test is first wee of the day before you've drunk anything.
If you're drinking 4 litres of water the ketones will just be diluted in your urine and wont show up on the stick.