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Another newbie diet diary


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Our GP referred hubby and me to the practice dietician when we told him we wanted to get to grips with our unhealthy life style. We gave up smoking in 2005, hubby had a coronary in 2009, our daughter (aged 32) died in 2010 and what with all that, we just piled on the weight.

The dietician didn't want us to go on any fad diet... you know the ones? Lose a stone in a day sort of ones? She suggested that as we were over 60, we could do no better than following Rosemary Conley's advice. So armed with a RC cookbook and a neighbours copy of 'the hip and thigh diet' we started on our journey.

We both wanted to lose 9lbs by Christmas with a steady 2-3lbs a week loss. So you can imagine out shock and delight on Sunday ( our week 1 weigh in) when hubby had lost 4lbs and me a huge 7! We don't feel hungry or feel that we are on a diet, its just a life style change for us. We walk the dog (black lab) a bit further every day and walk where we would otherwise have taken the car.

Tomorrow marks halfway through week 2 and we still feel marvellous
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So disappointed this morning.

Like a ding, I've just jumped on the scales and haven't lost so much as an ounce. After my 7lbs loss last week, I really hoped to be under 18st by today, but it hasn't happened. I'm telling myself that the weight doesn't come off consistently, and by WI on Sunday I will probably get a better result... and that the inches might be going quicker than the weight this week... you know? all those things that you tell other people when they are a bit down about the loss? But I'm still a bit down. I haven't eaten anything I shouldn't, I've 'been' as 'twere I'm 61 so it isn't the time of the month. Will crack on until Sunday, but not as happy as last week:sigh:
Hey Tasi!

Welcome to the forum and good luck on your journey!

Most people on this forum will tell you that mid week weigh ins are the devil! Granted there are times when i get on those scales every day (for motivation i suppose) but the best and most encouraging way to do things is to weigh in once per week and dont be tempted by the scales in between.

My mother is a similar age to you, and a couple of years ago she lost a lot of weight, she went from a size 20 to a size 14 in just a few months by doing nothing more than walking the dog and adopting a healthier life style, much like you seem to be doing. The first week she saw a big loss, the next she gained and the week after she stayed the same. Then as if my magic, things started to get too loose and everyone was telling her how good she looked. the same will happen to you i am sure of it!!

If you havent already been following it, may i suggest rainbowrose's diary. Rose is such an inspiration and helps many of us stay focused when the scales are telling us lies ;)

Hope you are having a good wednesday!

Kate x
Aww thanks kate :)..and thankyou Tasi for taking kate's advice!, i am very flattered :)

If you managed to read most of my diary, it is a mega read, it might take forever, you'll have realised that i struggled for years and gave up too many times, so ended up at 21st 5!!!!!

since feb, my lightbulb moment finally struck and i became my most determined ever! I am doing it for health reasons first and appearance and confidence second!
its not always easy and temptation is always around, but i think i've somehow retrained my brain to stop wanting to eat the contents of the local chippy or the savoury aisle in the supermarket..a lot of it is truly mind over matter and changing to a new lifestyle.
I've exercised more in the past 8 months than I have in my entire life, (i'm on the wrong side of 40!) I bought an exercise bike, I walk almost every day and recently i've been introduced to zumba dvds..too shy for a class, so do it all my myself at home hee hee.

So encouraging to have hubby alongside you, it will make the whole experience more enjoyable and 'do-able'. I'm going it alone, apart from the lovely loyal posters (read.."friends") that support and advice me, i'm just doing my own thing..but i strongly believe I wouldn't be where I am now, if it wasn't for this forum!

never fret about the change in weight loss one week from another, it happens and plays havoc with our minds! Try to always weigh the same time of the day, the same day every week for an accurate result! It is hard not to, but please try not to scale hop during the week, it can be so soul destroying, weight flunctuates daily, and plays mind games with us. A weekly weigh in is theway to go :)
I weigh naked (not a pretty sight!!!) every monday morning, some weeks are great, some not so great and some STS!...never allow those darn scales to rule you..the results all even themselves out..it has taken me years to realise that :)
i also weigh in at my nurse's clinic, weekly, it also keeps me focused! I only started an official weigh in there since late May!

I truly understand what you are going through and how you feel and will support and advice you the best i can. I am no expert, but I like to share my experiences with others!!! :)

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter, how very sad. As a mother of 4, i can't begin to imagine the pain.

Please keep posting, now that I've found you, I'll pop in every day! I try to read all new diaries, and SHOULD have been in here before today, but sometimes i miss one or two as the time runs away from me!!! anyway, you are stuck with me now, if you ever feel the need to chat offline, please pm me, I always answer and will help if I can :)

Keep posting, keep going and keep focused..I look forward to chatting with you lots :)


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Folk are so friendly on here. Love it. I walked into my town centre this morning, didn't want anything just the exercise. It is, at the moment a bit difficult for me because at 18st 9lbs and 5' 5" my hips knees and ankles are screaming out to get the load off them. Hubby our daughter and I used to hill walk a lot, I can't wait to start again. It's strange, but just losing that 7lbs has helped the aches and pains so it is an incentive to carry on.
We never used to eat breakfast, but since we started last week, it is the best meal of the day for us and gets us through the mornings without flagging. Today we had orange juice toast and a scrape of plum jam... no butter of course and a banana.
Butter was my downfall, I loved it, but my gall bladder didn't! I have discovered how nice bread tastes without butter. Good luck everyone and thanks for writing your diaries, they are inspirational.


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I seem to be obsessing over these bl**dy weighing scales... Yes I know... 'Get a life Tas' Let's face it, they are only a bit of metal and plastic, why let them rule my life? And at the end of the day, I've got a long journey ahead of me and there are bound to be days and weeks, nay months when I don't do as well as I could. So lets have a bit of commonsense here. It stands to reason doesn't it. If I lose half a stone a week, I will have to gather up all the spare skin, and tie it with a knot on top of my head:D
Right, rant over. Now finish last night's washing up you left Tasi:eek:


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No weight loss this week for us, but no gain either. Soooo all the more to lose next week is how I'm looking at it.

Both of us are very interested in Rose's posts about Zumba exercise. We'd like to try it in a stone or two's time (We'd probably drop dead now) Hubby played rugby for the county in the 1960's so it won't take him long to get back into exercise BUT... The last time I did any appreciable competative exercise, was back in the 1950's and involved an egg and spoon and several mixed infants surrounded by doting mums cheering us on. I came last.

Can anyone suggest a basic Zumba DVD for disasters like me? One I can do in the front room behing closed curtains? When the neighbours are out so they don't think someone has knocked over a piano?
Good morning :)

listen when I am zumba'ing the whole island must think an earthquake is on its way!!! I too close the curtains, wait until I am totally alone..and go for it!

I got a dvd set on amazon, it has 4 dvds, different stages..I am still on the very first one.... the basic one!!! :) hee hee..go on, go for it, justdo it at your own speed, and you can rest in between in the comfort of your own front room! I am sure I was heavier than you when I started zumba'ing..yes, i felt the need for an oxygen mask and a hunky paramedic by the end of it..but it is fun to do..honestly!

Have a great day, worry not about no loss, i bet next week will be a totally different story..keep going, you are going to do this!!!

make sure you are eating enough' to burn the calories..sounds mad I know, but it is true!!! :) the body 'believes' it is being starved, so holds on to any fat reserves in panic!

This is the set I've got....


..wish I'd waited and got them at this price!!!! :)..bargain!
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How great is that? You'll have such a laugh :)

37 years????..wow congratulations, that is a marvellous achievement by todays standard! a winter wedding, how lovely, what date in december?
I'm on marriage number 2..there won't be a number 3!!!! hee hee He is my soulmate, wish i'd met him 30 years ago, weve been married 3 years :) First marriage ended after 18 years, he 'traded' me in for a younger model!

Hope you had a lovely weekend, when is weigh in day? I lost nothing this week, not an ounce!!!!..but hey, why worry..onward and downward!!! :)


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Oh Rose what a thing to happen, after 18 years. Our closest friends, a tad older than us, but what's age? split up after 38 years. The son of a batchelor out of the blue announced he was leaving for a younger model he has had nothing but bad luck since then.

We are both back on track this week, in the right mind set and our clothes started to feel a bit looser yesterday.

The DVD came yesterday and we had a good look at the beginners one, we reckon we will really enjoy it.

Have to go away for the day today, up into the Welsh hills to visit old friends. The weather is so good that we are taking our Christmas presents up before the snow comes down. It is a beautiful hill farm in the summer, but desolate in the winter.

We both love Scotland Rose, when we have moved ( 2 more rooms to shovel out and 'minimize') we hope to get a camper van and Scotland and southern Ireland are 2 of our must go to again places. I am welsh and the Scots and Irish are very similar to the welsh.

Have a good day everyone. I am cutting down on my water today, I'm not too good behind a tree Men and women will never be equal until we girls can piddle in a wood as easily as a man.
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Sounds like a lovely day planned. Your part of the world always looks so beautiful. I've never been, but hubby holidayed in wales often as a child, and promises to take me there one day! very sensible to get out and about with xmas pressies now, especially after last years weather!!!!!

How sad for any marriage to break up, but 38 years!!!...very sad indeed. I believe my first hubby had a mid life crisis, he just turned 40, had a huge party..then within 3 weeks, i discovered his affair. he asked for time to make his mind up between me and a 25 year old tart!!..no chance, i made his mind up for him hee hee..threw him out, straight into her arms,..and divorced him!
They did me a huge favour though, i'd have never met the love of my life, and realised what a happy marriage felt like :)

ooh not long until you and hubby are zumba'ing :)..enjoy!

Good luck with the diet too, keep at it! speak soon x


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We watched the Zumba (beginners) CD last night and were really impressed, it looks fun and a really good form of exercise.

We are in the middle of decorating the house prior to moving, hopefully in the spring. This place is too big for us and has too many memories. We have two rooms left to do. The sitting room and the dining room. This is an old Victorian semi built in 1898 and the rooms are very high and quite large. We are going somewhere smaller but won't start looking until we are on the market. However, houses aren't moving too quickly in our neck of the woods so it looks like we shall be roosting here for a while.

Have a good day everyone.
Morning Tasi!

I do not envy you moving house, I just had to do a full move from a home of my own to a bedroom in a houseshare, and whats more i had to do it all in less than two weeks! Phewf!! I dread to think what i threw away!!

Good luck with the zumba, everyone keeps telling me its wonderful, but i've not been brave enough to try it yet!

Have a good day mrs xx


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Morning Tasi!

I do not envy you moving house, I just had to do a full move from a home of my own to a bedroom in a houseshare, and whats more i had to do it all in less than two weeks! Phewf!! I dread to think what i threw away!!

Good luck with the zumba, everyone keeps telling me its wonderful, but i've not been brave enough to try it yet!

Have a good day mrs xx
I'm 61 Kate and hubby 63. If 2 fat old fossils like us can have a go, it can't be that bad.:D Give it a go and have a laugh

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