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  1. determinator

    determinator Banned

    Hi , I am katie and I am now on day 5 of Lipotrim. not found it too bad so far , the shakes were disgusting the first 2 days, really salty and 'oaty' but I now actually love the chocolate ones and like the strawberry !! I tried the chicken soup , it seemed ok at first but after 5 spoons I just couldnt stomach anymore so will stick with shakes I think !!!
    i have been overweight since I was about 8 , then after giving up smoking last year , with a 5 stone increase , and then having a baby :) 4 months ago I have 8 stone to loose :(
    I sam quite scared actually as I have never been slim and I just dont know what it will be like !! I have always been the fat girl... so what will I be if I am slim ???? anyone else feel like this ?
    The hardest things I have found so far are cooking tea for my other half and kids , watching lovely KFC ads on the TV and doing my online food shop ( I cryed on tuesay when I did my shop as it all looked yummy and i couldnt have any of it, so I ordered a DVD of Twilight to cheer me up !!)
    anyway hope to get to know you all through my lipotrim journey !! roll on monday 1st weigh in !!!
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  3. mrs bee

    mrs bee doesn't like the rain!

    Good luck for monday!
    When I did LT before I spent most of the 1st week in tears, so one day is not too bad :)
    Keep us updated on the rest of your journey x
  4. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

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    Hi hun i never thought about not being the fat one before until a few days ago it hit me and i was like i used to be the curvy one wat will i be now??? hahaha! i tink we all go threw dat its kinda like our personality is being taken away but our weight isnt our personality.

    Congrats on the new baby! I hated the shakes the first week then i discovered crushed ice it changed my life (im so not kidding, haha)

    shopping and cooking is now my favourite ting to do it really gets easier. First week i couldnt of imagining cooking in my first week but now i have to do it i feel weird if i havnt.

    I started here on day 5 too. it makes a huge difference. :)
  5. Jesi

    Jesi Silver Member

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    hiya, welcome to the forum.

    First of all I think you have done the best thing in view of losing weight. This diet is the fastest I have tried. If anything is going to get you to lose weight, it is Lipotrim.

    Secondly... Being slim tastes much much better then anything you are craving. Being slim is sooo brilliant. You look great, feel great, you can wear what you want and you feel like your life has changed. I felt all of this after 10kgs of weight loss :)

    If you stick to it you will start to feel the difference. Good Luck!
  6. determinator

    determinator Banned

    One of the things i am looking forward to most is being able to go into primark and buying really cheap clothes !!! is that sad??? lol
  7. Cookeh

    Cookeh Recovering Cookie Addict

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    Welcome aboard Determinator, and best of luck for your first weigh in. I'm currently on day 10 so not that far ahead of you and have roughly the same amount of weight to lose. I've set myself up with lots and LOTS of mini targets (as you can see from my sig!) to help keep me motivated so that it doesn't seem like such a long journey. Also, take a look at SummerGirl's pictures, she has lost just short of 8stone this year, truly an inspiration to the rest of us with similar amounts of weight to lose.

    Nah, that's not sad at all, in fact I have that feeling myself although just to be able to walk into *any* store and buy something would be a novelty! hehe

    Looking forward to getting to know you over the coming weeks ^.^
  8. trixiefoofoo

    trixiefoofoo Full Member

    Hi Katie, welcome and well done for getting through the first few days!
    I'm fairly new too and can relate to everything you've said.

    I played rugby for years, then in a 'friendly', I broke my shoulder and 4 ribs and couldn't play for a long time.
    I piled on the weight and didn't go back to playing.

    I then stopped smoking and added a fair bot more.

    Then 4 months ago, had our first baby, and topped it up again!!

    I have at least 5/6 stone to lose to where I'll be comfy but should lose 8, if you follow Dr's guides!

    I cannot imagine being skinny - and I don't mean 'oh, it would be great, I can't imagine what it'll be like...' - I mean it literally.
    I've never been small and when I try to see how I'll end up, I can only ever see me loosing a st or 2. Strange.

    Know exactly what you mean about Primark -had that very conversation today! Fed up of paying extra because I can only shop in certain places!!

    Anyway, good luck and look forward to seeing your losses x
  9. determinator

    determinator Banned

    congrats on the baby Trixie foo foo , my 2nd little girl was born on 29th June , must be pretty near in age :) I also want to loose weight for the kids as i want to be able to run around with my 3 yr old more and with Abbie when she is older :)
  10. trixiefoofoo

    trixiefoofoo Full Member

    Thanks - and to you! 16th June.

    Had a pretty horrendous birth, so taken me a while to get back to normal - not that I'm moaning, had the best pregnancy, little issues!

    Know what you mean, I do not want to be a fat mum-I want her to be proud of me and to be able to do everything with her.

    What day are your WI's?x
  11. determinator

    determinator Banned

    HI , my weigh ins are on a monday so cant wait till after the weekend :)
    I didnt have a fun labour either , pre eclampsia followed by full eclampsia , failed induction then emergency c section !!! then I got infections and my scar burst :( so I am only just getting back to anywhere near normal !!! But still worth it !!!
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