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Another newbie!! Just had my first day actually sticking to my points and it was ok!!

Hi all, this is my first thread...:bliss:
So excited about getting back on track and am truly doing it honestly this time, as I lost the first 20 pounds on WW, then went on holiday, moved house, started new job etc etc, and lost track of it all! The pounds started to creep back on and I am determined not to be fat and forty so only 3 years to enjoy being slim in my thirties...:chores016:

:eek:Heres my food diary for today...and comments, tips etc very welcome!!
Milk 2 points for the day as i drink 4 cups milky tea.
Ww sandwich 5
crisps 1.5
Banana large 1.5
Ryvita minis 1.5
lighter choices fish pie 4.5
lighter choices carrot swede mash 7
Prawns plain 1.5
skinny cow choc ice cream 1.5 !!and wow are they good...

So thats it! 26 points.
I go down to 25 when I lose one more pound so thats probably tomorrow i hope!!
Highly recommend the skinny cows though, they are fab fab fab xxxx
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You dont say if you found the points enough but for the carrot and swede mash i would have definatly made my own and for well under half the points i would imagine.
Carrots - 0
Swede - 0
200g potato - 2
Then if you wanted it creamy i would have added an egg whilst mashing for 1.5 season and serve a huge portion for 3.5 points :D but the rest of your day sounds ace well done. I love WW too
Hi Vodka999

Was so glad you replied! I love weightwatchers too, its fun, sensible and does retrain your brain about fat and calories and limits your intake too which i need! would normally make my own carrot mash but work all hours and have to buy some ready meals at times so will make my own next time and freeze it and take it with me!
How long have you been on ww and what are your thoughts....i've got so much weight to lose, sometimes i read these cd and LL forums, where theyve lost a million stones in 6 months and feel very tempted to try them, but it worried me that its such quick weight loss that its not real or would come back asap.
what do you think!:rolleyes:


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G: 10st7lb
Hi Swedie

Welcome to the board. I wouldn't advice CD or LL to be honest (but its entirely your choice of course), I have two friends who have done each - they lost loads of weight but instead of going on the maintenance plan or switching to something like WW or SW they didn't and I was truly alarmed at the amount of weight they put back on, like a stone in 10 days! I couldn't believe it was possible!

I'm often tempted by the quick fixes but as I am always broke WW is my only option ha ha !!

Seriously I love WW its sensible eating, and we will all lose weight on it eventually and it will be so much easier to maintain as well.

Good luck and keep posting


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Well stupidly for me this is my second time round :sigh::sigh:

I did it a few years ago and lost well over 3 stone but my bad habits kicked in and i stopped watching what calories were in things and before i knew it i had put on weight again. For me maintenance was so hard, losing was ok but i am determined to get it off and keep it off this time. You can definatly do it on WW and i imagine its much healthier than CD
Hun if your end goal is scaring you change your ticker and break it into smaller slices that way when you reach each target you are on a high rather than looking down a huge tunnel and not knowing how long it will take to get there iyswim my tunnel is huge but my goals are closer
good luck with ww

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