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Another newbie starting this week with questions

Just thought i'd come and say hello. I am planning on starting CD on thursday and am feeling a bit nervous and excited. I would like to lose 3 1/2 stone. It is amazing and inspiring to hear how you are doing. I am quite nervous as I am a complete sugar/carb addict. I am just out of control around cakes/bread/choc and sweets. I'm really worried about the first week , although I do feel committed to it too .

My CDC has suggested SS+ to start with as she has good results with it and feels it is easier psychologically. What do you all think? Is it easier to just take food out of the equation? The SS+ does appeal in that it gives me something to munch on if I'm socialising. I don't really want to tell anyone (apart from hubby) what I am doing at the moment.

Looking forward to getting to know you all ;):D
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Hello back. It personal preference whether you do SS or SS+, but I was a total carb addict as well and have managed to cope really well with the SS diet. I cut right back on carbs the week before I started so got no side effects at all, and once I got over the cravings its pretty easy, you don't cheat because you can't cheat, and amazingly you don't feel hungry most of the time. Its great. I've on been on it 2 weeks, but I really think this is going to be the best thing I've done.

Good luck for Thursday, just drink loads of water and keep yourself busy.


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I would go with what your CD says and see how you get on with SS. For me it was definitely preferable to take a complete break from all food decisions. Best wishes whatever you decide.


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Just wanted to say good luck on your cd journey.
I did chose to take food out of the equation too for the first 13 weeks but now I have added it back and its great..
Do what you feel is right for you hon , good luck xx


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I have to agree with imagisal and curlywurly1234, I personally needed to remove food completely until I feel I can control myself better!! But everyone is different and only you know what is right for you.
I am on day 4 and loving it! I only got shakes and Im not brave enough for the soups yet! I like all the flavours and I split them to have 6 drinks a day. This is definately a good psychological trick. I find myself getting to 9pm on only 2 packets - I just dont feel hungry. Then I get to have a lovely hot choc before bed which is yum!
I previously had a huuuge appetite. I dont think I ever felt full? I was a carb fiend - my CDC was laughing when I said I only have soup so I can have 3/4/5 slices of bread! And my boyfriend says most people are 70% water, but Im 70% carbs!!!!! I love potatoes and bread but have been fine up to now.
Its a fab diet once you get your head round it. So fingers crossed for you and let us know how you get on. x


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I agree with all of the above too, ss is a way that discipline's you inot sticking with the plan and in a few weeks, you will go up plans to ss+ anyway, if then that suits and again, its about controlling the amount you have as its only small on the ss+ anyway. I'd start on ss and then move up a few weeks later. You'll feel better about being in control too that way. Good luck. xx
Thanks so much girls. I have been thinking along the same lines myself so it's good to get your input. X
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just wante to echo what qll the opthers have said and say good luck for thursday. Once you get over the carb withdrawal and into fat burning you will be FLYING! keep coming on here for support and the weight will be off before you know it

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