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Another Newbie thinking of Starting CS

Hi Ladies - first off congrats on your amazing weight losses to date. I am toying with the intention of starting CS on Monday. I have done CD in the past (lasted for 3 days and lost 5lbs), did WW for 6 months in 2002 and lost 3.5 stone but sure it has all gone back on and more since. :mad: I am off work for the next 6 - 8 weeks due to surgery I had 2 weeks ago and so this is why I am thinking of doing CS as I will be home alone all day everyday (except weekends) and when H2B gets home from work in the evenings. Think that this is what appeals to me...I can eat a smallish dinner with him (I think). :confused: I am planning on going to the chemist either today or tomorrow to get the starter pack and take it from there. I have lost some weight already this year but have been struggling to lose anymore. I want to lose at least 1.5 stone for my wedding in Vegas in August. I have my dress at home already and need to have it taken in already but am hoping for it to be taken in a bit more (never happy are we):D.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Deffo do it!!!!
I did LT for 4 whole days made me sick........so decided to do CS an i love it the fact i can have a low carb/ carbless meal for a night is fab! i can actually EAT! and now 9 days into it i can already tell my stomach has shrunk already!!!!
So i think deffo deffo do it!!!!! If i can do it anyone can!!! xxxx
Hey and welcome to CS. I have every faith in you losing the 1.5 stone by august and feeling much better for it.
This diet is one of the easier to stick with because yes you can eat!!! Just be aware in the first few days you will be hungry and a bit headachey but as long as you drink all your water and stick at it at least 95% youll see results. =]
One piece of advice i would give to you is write down what you are eating and make sure you actually do get your 6 meals a day even if they are small ones.
Remember to keep the thread updated teh lovely ladies on here having giving me loads of advice and Im sure they will do the same for you!!!
Thanks ladies for the advice. In the past I think that I have failed on diets because I gave up too easily. When I got a headache I would sneak a bit of food and low and behold before I knew it I was eating rings around me. I am off work now and so the boredom might be a hassle for me but with the improvement in the weather a walk can help me outt I think. Can't do any housework for the next 5 weeks and so a few small works could save me.

You are both doing great - 6lbs and 7lbs losses in Wk 1. I would be very happy with that kind of loss. Am now in the process of getting all the carbs out of the house. H2B can eat and eat and not put on a solitary pound (must be a thorough bred). Thanks again ladies :cool:
Well Ladies I have bitten the bullet and went to the chemist and bought the starter pack. One of the girls that works in the chemist told me that she lost 2 stone in the space of 4 weeks on it. :D The other girl lost just under that so happy days!!

Did any of ye watch the dvd that came in the box?
i didnt get the starter pack so i didnt get the DVD...but well done on biting the bullet!

I think the dvd may just give you advice an the outline of CS but i just pester all the people on here with all my questions!
Thanks Kelly. Well I have had my first CS shake this morning. Tried the Chocolate one as I am not too fond of the taste of chocolate anything and I was pleasantly suprised. I was suprised at the little amout of water that you put into the shaker. But it was nice. Onwards and downwards (the weight that is). Bought some apples and they can be my snack. Got AF on Saturday and so my weight has gone up this morning by a whopping 5lbs so I changed my starting weight to reflect this.
Hope you all have a good week this week. Chat soon!!:p
Dont worry hun that 5lb will be off again in no time and even more!!!

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