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Another newbie! Your SW staples??

Hello everyone!

I am a newbie to this board, although I have done SW before (a few years ago) and have been stuck out in the wilderness (WW!!!) for a while now.

I didn't find I was getting enough support from my WW group and can't afford to join SW at the moment, so I am trying to go it alone and will be doing EE as much as possible - it sounds great!

I've got a lot to lose but am feeling positive and am just about to make a shopping list for the week to get started.

My question is; what are your staple SW items that you couldn't live without?

I seem to remember last time I did this that crab sticks between meals really helped so they will definitely be going on my list!

I look forward to hearing from you all - nice to meet you! :D
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hiya ! :D
i am also a newbie and in a similar possition! I am going to my 1st official meeting tommorow though so I can post any useful info I get from that to help you when I get back?
I think from what I'be read these things are pretty popular:
fry light, chopped tomoatoes, potatoes, mullerlight, extra lght mayo, chicken, mince, quorn sausages, chillies
And also if you like Indian food, tandori spice mix is amazing on chicken with rice (free and v. tasty!)
My friend makes crisps out of lasagna sheets so I'm going to try that later aswell as they would be a good little snack to keep hunger at bay!
Good luck !
(I'll post some more info tommorow after meeting :) )


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yeah i love crab sticks

i eat a LOT of fruit with activia fat free vanilla yogurts

kellogs fibre plus bar's for a HeB and a real chocolate fix




marmite cheese (HeA) and Ryvita mini's (HeB)

lots and lots of vegetables


good luck! have a look at my food diary (link in my sig) for an idea of what i eat! x


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oh yeah frylite!! can't live without it!


Alomst there :)
I ate so many crab sticks in my first few weeks I can't stand the thought of them anymore!

I would say plenty of Fruit and Veg is essential, so you have it there for you 1/3 superfree.

I find real good staples are Butternut Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Baking Potatoes, Pasta, Tuna, Baked Beans and Low Fat cheese are all things I couldn't live without!

I'm sure there's loads more though that I can' think of right now!
Welcome :D

At the moment I'm loving alpen light choc and fudge bars. 2=1HeB

Chicken wrapped in bacon stuffed with laughing cow triangles and garlic and onion. Drool!

Spicy risotto - love the stodgy stickiness of this.


In fact just about everything, I've discovered I rather like cooking and I'm going to try a recipe for a roulade (sp?) my mum's just given me. Only 1/2 sin for the whole thing!

Really enjoy your food and you won't feel like you're missing out. I've discovered alot of things I'd never have thought I'd like since joining SW.
My staples are

  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • frozen fruit
  • muller light yoghurts
  • couscous
  • quorn - sausages, burgers, mince etc
  • eggs
  • ryvita's, finn crisps, Krisprolls (hexb)
  • weetabix, shreddies
I'm not too sure if the lasagne sheets eaten as crisps are syns, I seem to think they are but I'm sure somebody will know for definate.
I eat a massive variety of food, as SW allows this, but the things that I seem to buy without fail every week (despite the obvious fruit, veg and meat) are:

Laughing cow light triangles (5 for HEX A)
Ryvita sesame crispbreads (4 for HEX B)
Tesco canned stewed steak
ADSA canned chick pea dhal
Creme eggs (8.5 syns)
cous cous
chick peas (and all other canned pulses)
Kellogs Hi Fibre bars (1 HEXB and have replaced my alpen light addiction)

If you are new to this you will also find a set of kitchen scales and measuring spoons invaluable
Baking potatoes
Sugerfree jelly
Cottage cheese
Corned beef (for quiche)
Soy sauce
Mullerlite yogurts
Brown rice
Chilli beans
Mushy peas
Tinned toms
Quorn pieces
Wow - you can eat so much on SW - don't think I'll be bothering with WW again for a long time...!

This is what I've got so far - what do you think?

Chicken and beef bovril
Fresh & frozen veggies
Laughing cow extra light cheese
Salaldy bits i.e cherry tomatos
Herbs and spices
Greek 0% yogurt
Babybel lights
Chopped toms
Cottage cheese
Frylite oil & salad sprays

Balsamic vinegar
Lean meat- chicken, ham, extra lean mince
Potatoes, pasta and rice
Baked beans
Batchelors Pasta 'n' Sauces and Batchelors Savoury Rice
Lots of tinned beans (chickpeas, borlotti, kidney etc)

Sweet things

Kit kats (2 fingers)
Puffed wheat/weetabix
Options & Cocoa powder

Hope my debit card has its crash helmet on this week! :D

Extra Light Mayonnaise (0.5 syn for 1 tbsp)
Chicken flavoured mug shots ( Free on Greeen & EE)
Cottage Cheese
Artificial Sweetener
Pasta 'n' Sauce's
Cous Cous
Baking potatoes
Sugerfree jelly
Cottage cheese
Corned beef (for quiche)
Soy sauce
Mullerlite yogurts
Brown rice
Chilli beans
Mushy peas
Tinned toms
Quorn pieces
All great suggestions everyone - would just say that corned beef needs to be synned now - I think a while ago it used to be free, but now it should be synned xxx
Booo! I love corned beef! Really good in quiches.

Typical! Oh well, there are a million and one other things I can put in a quiche instead!


Always comes back to MMs!
Yep, looks good to me, you will be dropping lbs in no time!

My staples:
Alpen Light Bars
Unlimited Mullerlight yoghurts
Curly Wurlies (a choc lifesaver)
Laughing cow
Sweet potatoes
Porridge oats
Total 0% yoghurt
Cous cous
crab sticks
FF Cottage Cheese
So so many staples!....:cool:
Cottage cheese
Pickled onions and beetroot
Cottage cheese
Alpen lights/Hi fi's
Weight watchers bread
Savoury rices
Mushy peas
And veggies and curry powder to make a meal.......there is so many fab foods! hence my cupboard doors can't close and my food bill has shot up!!!
Can you post that recipe?!? Sounds too good to be true! :D

I just finished eating it and it was gorgeous! My children didn't even notice it wasn't filled with cream. :D

4 eggs
2 tubs quark
6 tbsp sweetener
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp baking powder
1 muller light

separate eggs

In 1 bowl whisk the yolks with 1/2 tub quark, 4 tbsp sweetner, vanilla and the baking powder.

In another bowl whisk the whites til they form peaks. Whisk half the yolk mixture with whites and then fold in the other half.

Pour into a swiss roll type tin lined with parchment so it doesn't stick.

Bake for 15 mins at 190/gas mark 5

Allow to cool completely.

Mix the remaining quark with muller light and 2 tbsp sweetner(you may prefer a little more sweetener), spread this over the cake and top with fruit. I used half tub of tesco frozen berries. Roll it up.

Feeds 4 quite easily. Could be made adding a highlight for chocolate and dusting with icing sugar.

Laura x

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