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Another newbie :)


Taking the Scenic Route..
Hi everyone,
My names Shirleen im soon to be 24yrs old, mother to 3young boys aged almost 4, almost 2 and almost 1. :)
I have struggled with my weight my whole life, and decided enough is enough.

I recently started Exante (a vlcd) which i didn't last even a day on. I then gave it another shot, but ended up feeling worse about myself for failing.:sigh:
So i took a few days and really thought about the best way to do this for me.
I went to my GP and asked to be prescribed Xenical..she refused :mad: and suggested i came along to "classes"...
noo noo no and no! lol
So i decided i would just buy Alli, which ive heard is the same thing except xenical is twice the dose? So i shall be taking double dose alli..following a low fat plan and doing an exercise dvd atleast 3times a week.

I started Thursday and so far i am really enjoying it. Im not looking at this like a diet..but a lifestyle change.

Thanks for listening ;)
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hi and welcome! thats a shame that your doctor refused. is it for health reasons? if it was it might not be safe to take 6 alli a day. health comes first! if not, good luck on your journey. i dont blame you for not doing the VLCD i honestly believe they should be banned, lipotrim put me in hospital! congrats on joining this website, if you read all the posts you feel much more positive as real women are suceeding everyday. good luck :)
Hi, I am new to this Forum but have been taking Xenical since the end of April. So far I have lost 57 lbs so I am really pleased. I still have loads to lose though and I realise the rate of loss will slow up but I am here for the duration.


Taking the Scenic Route..
Thanks ladies..
celtgirl my doctor just said the sugery doesn't like prescribing drugs anymore for weight loss :confused: Thats why i was a little upset...I may just take double dose with the bigger meals.
Petal thats an amzing loss so far! If i do anywhere near that good i will be over the moon! well done!



Taking the Scenic Route..
Thank you Alibalibee :D
I love your pics! Amazing, and a huge inspiration. xx


Gold Member
hello and welcome

you will find amazing support here, and you will be able to get the answers to any questions that you may want to know the answer to... im not sure about taking alli x2, but in theroy i dont think there should be any problem..

good luck, and keep posting!
i suggest trying with the ali for a week or two at most... then going back to see a different doctor at your surgery.. most doctors have different opinions and a lot of doctors are reluctant to prescribe these tablets because they dont believe in them .. so i suggest you record your weighs ins.. write down what you eat and how much exercise you do.. if you have lil ones then im sure ure kept pretty active.. but write it all down.. then take this info with any loss you might have to the doctor and explain that you have been taking ali (dont mention the double dose thing i dont really think this is safe to do but im sure doctors will be more reluctant to prescribe xenical anyway if they knew this.)... but show them your progress and explain you reallly will try hard and your ready to make changes and that you have friends that have been sucessful on these...

i reckon that this might work

goodluck be careful. x


Taking the Scenic Route..
Thanks very much for all the advice and opinions :) I have booked an appointment for tomorrow to see a different gp, so hopefully this will work! :)

PinkPunkstar - couldn't help but notice your ticker and stats. wow! :D Truely inspired. I noticed we are the same height, and have the same goal weight. How on earth did you do that? :p Well done you! xx
hey chicka.. i got your pm but i might as well reply here while im reading this xx

im happy to give any tips advice ..id like to know what you eat in a day so tomoz write everything down and any exercise you do.. and ill see if i can make a few suggestions and tips for you.. i dont know everything and what worked for me might not for you but no harm in trying..

and you are the same height i hate being so short if i was taller my weight would be fine now lol.. grrrr lol.. you will reach that target weight dont worry xx


Taking the Scenic Route..
Thanks alot hun, i will repost later when im done eating :p

haha yeah i actually dont mind being short..but its so annoying trying to buy jeans n stuff, my legs are diddy lol!


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