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  1. Sparkle101

    Sparkle101 Member

    Hello to all you WW girls and guys, I am now into my third week on WW and I've been asking myself why I did not join ages ago. I have tried nearly every diet out there and most recently VLCD which worked and was fast but the weight piled back on and a lot more besides. I've tried SW in the past which I liked but hated the meetings and did not get anything from the leader spending the whole of the session going round the room asking what everyone had lost I found it very boring. I love my WW class it is a very lively class and the leader is really interesting and funny. I am currently doing the filling and healthy with the 49 weekly's and so far I have not felt deprived at all. My goal is to lose 3 stone for xmas, the first week I lost 3 and a half and then the following week another 3 so if I'm lucky enough to average 2 pound a week I think it could be achieved but whatever I lose for xmas will be a bonus and I will be happy with whatever I lose.

    I have been reading the threads for the past few weeks and felt it was about time I said hello, there are some fabulous recipes on here which I'm going to try, like I said before when I read about all the things you lot are eating I really wish I'd started sooner, previously I'd start a diet feel deprived and then cheat then I'd feel guilty and the whole cycle would start all over again after I'd had my takeaway meal of course.
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  3. lis2811

    lis2811 Full Member

    Hi, I'm starting today and like you I want to loose 3 stone by Christmas. I tried ww once before but still had my head stuck in the dark side. So I'm now ready to go shopping and get started. Good luck
  4. Sparkle101

    Sparkle101 Member

    Thanks Lis2811, good luck with diet, have a fabulous first week, I'm sure you'll enjoy it and will find it easy to plan and fit into your life. :)
  5. rachaelagh

    rachaelagh Member

    Wow I could have written your post as your journey is very similar to mine! I am a bit further down the line and have lost 3 stone so far on weight watchers and feel for the first time ever that I will be able to continue with my weightless and then maintain afterwards. Good luck with continuing your journey!
  6. Sparkle101

    Sparkle101 Member

    Thanks Rachaelagh, you must feel great after losing three stone, it's nice to eat real food and still lose weight I eat more on this diet than I did before dieting. Good luck on the rest of your journey too.
  7. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    Hi Sparkle, welcome to minimins and to ww.

    I've been on this plan since February, the first time for me and I love it!

    Well done on your loss so far.
  8. Sparkle101

    Sparkle101 Member

    Hi Sammyanth, I've just looked at your loses on your ticker and you've done really well. I'm really happy to be losing weight the healthy way and right way this time, I can hardly wait to look back at my journey and think I've done it, at least I've made a start now this time next year there will be much less to see of me but my personality which has been hiding in the corner will have emerged (I kind of hide away embarrassed about my weight). Thanks for your welcome Sammy and good luck for the rest of your journey.
  9. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    Thanks hun and good luck to you too!

    What day is your wi day?
  10. Sparkle101

    Sparkle101 Member

    WI on a Tuesday
  11. raquel

    raquel pink lady

    Hello, and well done, great weight losses, im new and shouldn't have stopped going to class, as I did really well, but wityh work ect, its been tricky, but back on the skinny weight watcher wagon :) wish me luck
  12. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    Welcome to minis and good luck with your weightloss journey :)

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