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Another newbie!

S: 18st4lb C: 16st1lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 34.2 Loss: 2st3lb(12.11%)
Hello - another newbie here.
My name is Emma - I am 28, live in Windsor with my hubby & beautiful 2 year old girl.
I need to lose some serious weight (9 stone) & thought this forum might be able to help.

I have tried most diets (ww, sw, LL, CD & quit due to monetary constraints) but am determined to get the weight shifted this time... main reason - I want to be a "yummy mummy" not a "tummy mummy"!

My doctor has offered to help by prescribing Xencial for 3 months to see how I get on. Anybody else been subscribed this? If so, what type of diet are you following?

Also, just noticed the link at the top of the forum for Diet Chef - looks like a great idea to get me started - does anybody use this? Whats the food like?

Guess thats all - Be happy.
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Welcome to Minis and to WeMITTS!
You'll find tonnes of support on this site. We're all fantastic. lol. No, but seriously, a lot of us are in the same boat and the support, advice and encouragement is amazing.
Good luck with your weight loss journey!


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Hi ejc1905,

Welcome to the forum!

I only joined the forum myself recently and I too have an awful lot of weight to lose but I think you will find the fact that there are others on here with similar journeys to travel will be of great support and help to you in your own personal journey. Also, when you read about and or look at some of the success stories photographs (view the inspiration slide show at the top of the page) this will also motivate you big time and help you to see that it can be done and that you are certainly NOT alone!

I am also on Xenical and have been for approx 1 month now and so far I have lost 14 pounds and encountered no problems. I presume that is because I am basically sticking to a lot of low fat foods though and have yet to see what happens if I eat anything high in fat! :eek: My GP put me on it for one month to see how I got on with it and so I have got to make an appointment this forthcoming week to see him but I guess he will be happy with my progress so far?

Another thing I have done is get rid of my bathroom scales as having scales around for me is a nightmare and in the past when attempting to lose weight, I have become obsessed with stepping on the bl**dy things! Fine when the dial moved downwards; I would be on a high but god help me if the scales stayed the same or showed a gain and many a time the dreaded scales have ruined yet another feeble attempt to lose weight! So now I don't have any and life is just wonderful :) and I simply get weighed at Boots whenever I can make the time to get into town! I haven't been to get weighed at Boots this week so I cannot tell you an accurate up to date weight loss as the last time I got weighed was 9 days ago - but I am guessing it will be more than that now so, in 1 month I have lost well over a stone! :)

As for the 'diet' I personally am following, well it is pretty much my own individual plan that I have concocted as I have decided the 'normal' diet foods and plans (and I too have tried them all) do not work for me long term and every effort I have ever made has always ended up with me getting bored and dissillusioned. So, this time I have devised my own unique way in order to see how I get on with a less structured routine! I do not weigh foods or count calories as such at the moment but instead I just stick to healthy options and when I have salads and vegetables with my meal I literally pile my plate up with these foods to such an extent that it looks obscene! :rolleyes: I love my veg though and filling up on them really does keep any hunger pangs at bay and stops me wanting to snack for the rest of the evening. I cut all visible fat off any meat BEFORE I cook it as that way I resist the temptation to eat this most delicious, crispy and succulently tasty part of say a pork chop or a sirloin steak and I steer well clear of things like pies and pastries etc. I love grilled fish and I have become quite inventive with sauces to pour over them and my husband cooks a mean chicken stir fry! Crisps and sweets (which I can live without) I simply do not buy and my fruit bowl is always full if I fancy a quick nibble of something sweet and my favourite desert at the moment is 1 small meringue nest filled with a good portion of Tesco's frozen summer fruits, (defrost for 2 mins in the microwave) a dollop of Tesco's healthy reduced fat creme fraiche and 1 Askey's chocolate curl cone wafer; it tastes very sinful yum! yum! but in fact I worked out the calories from the side of the packets etc and the total amount comes to approx 195 calories! Like I say, I don't currently weigh or count calories as such but when my weight loss does slow down then I will buy a good a - z calorie counting guide book and make sure I stick to whatever my daily calorie requirement should be in order for me to continue to lose weight! I also have cut out alchohol and instead of my nightly glass or 2 or 3 of red wine hic! hic! I now only have 2 glasses on a Sat night as my weekly treat! Guess what? I even went out Friday night with my husband, daughter and son in law to our local Indian restaurant but I chose a veggie dish with plain rice and drunk diet coke so it shows you can still go out and socialise if you are determined to choose the healthier options on the menu!

Anyway, this is just my own chosen method but I am sure you will find all kinds of advice and suggestions on this forum that may suit you and your lifestyle better and whatever 'diet' you opt to go on I hope this is the one that finally helps you to become the 'yummy mummy' you want to be!

Good luck and by joining this fabulous forum you have taken the first step to changing your life! :)

Sue x

** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
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Hiya & welcome.

This is a wonderful, helpful, friendly forum so you'll get all the support and advice you need.

Best of luck with your journey! :)
S: 18st4lb C: 16st1lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 34.2 Loss: 2st3lb(12.11%)
Thank you all for your messages

Sooh - thats fabulous weight loss in a month. I aim to see the same results, but its great to see that someone has acheived it! How much excerise/activity have you done to support that?

I've only been on the Xenical for 3 days, and so far haven't had any side effects, though like you I have been purposely eating low fat foods out of sheer fear. I have also found the website very useful - with great advice/hints/tips.

I'm glad that someone else is "concocting" a diet. I am sort of following a low cal, low fat diet, but am not getting the calculator out every time I want to eat. Like you, I like fruit & veg, so am using that as a filler and so far its working. I've used recipes from Rosemary Conley, weight watchers, slimming world etc but am really paying attention to my portion sizes & it seems to be working - that and lots & lots of water!

My biggest weakness is desserts - so will definately try your meringue recipe. Funnily enough, I already buy the Tesco frozen fruit for my daughter - never thought of doing anything with it other than using it for smoothies, so have already expanded by recipe book.

Well, I know with a LOT of willpower that both the tablets & my diet will work - just cant wait for the results!


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To be honest with you ejc I have not really been exercising at the moment so apart from the normal everyday activities I cannot hand on heart say I have done much on the exercise front. This is still mostly due to the sheer effort it takes me to walk any distance coupled with the fact that I have 2 dodgy knees but my doctor says this should all become easier as my weight comes down. I long to take my 2 little dogs for a really long walk so when the time comes I will be certainly doing a bit of that and once my weight is at a safe level I can then have the much needed operation on my knees. I would like to go swimming as I could manage that but I am too embarassed to be seen in public in a swimsuit yet and there are no classes in our town for overweight people alone. Never mind, at the moment I am losing weight so the lack of exercise is not posing too much of an obstacle right now but I guess in time I will need to seriously look at introducing some kind of exercse routine into my life.

Keep on being positive. :)

Sue x
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I can't believe how many brilliant supportive people their is on this forum...Thank you everybody! :happy036:

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