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Another newbie!

Hello! Nice to meet you all. I'm very shy about my weight and never really talk about it to anyone, so its a big step for me to join a forum about it! You're all such positive people and it's really inspiring so I thought I'd come and make some friends to help me with my mission.

My history with my weight is a little complicated and I have always fluctuated. I gained a lot of weight between the ages of 13 and 16, and ended up weighing around 16 stone (not sure, didn't have scales!). At the age of 16 I decided to do something about it, and went on slim fast. I found it incredibly effective, and I went down to 11 stone in a year. :D

Unfortunately, my life being chatoic, I wasn't able to maintain it, and over a period of three years the weight has crept back on, and left me rather unhappy! Since this summer I've lost about 17lbs through exercise and healthy eating (well, healtier eating!) which has given me a lot of hope, but I figure what with it being the beginning of a New Year, I should get serious about it. I'm thinking of returning to my old friend Slim Fast, as I found it easy, reliable and effective.

I want to get back down to 11 stone, as I was happiest with my weight then - I am quite tall for a girl (5'10" roughly) so 11 stone seemed quite comfortable. I am actually setting my target goal as 147lbs, which is 10 st 7lbs - but secretly I will be happy enough when I reach 11!

Sorry for rambling. Thats me in a nutshell! Nice to meet you all, and good luck with your endeavours!
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Welcome Cindy, you'll find plenty of support here!
welcome to the forum and all the best with slimfast and gud luck on your weight loss journey


in my dreams!!!!!!
I'm a newbie too!

Hi everyone, i started SlimFast last monday and am finding the daytime bit really easy with the shakes but struggling with the main evening meal. It seems i'm having ham salad, chicken salad, salad and salad. Any ideas, i'd love for someone to help me! x

Hi Cindy and welcome, good luck with your weight loss, this site is so helpful and friendly, sometimes we just need that extra little bit of help, me included, take care, Juliex

Hi Sparkelwings, welcome to you too! Ive never done slimfast but I presume its all about healthy eating, Have you thought about fish or chicken with vegetables, you could boil them, steam them or even nicer roast them, ie peppers, courgettes, mushrooms, also butternust squash is yum roasted, very sweet to taste. Also are you allowed jacket potatoes with beans or tuna.
Also stirfrys, there really healthy and you can get the pre-prepared veg from most supermarkets.

Hope this helps, good luck with your weight loss, take care, Juliex
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in my dreams!!!!!!
Hi, thanks for replying, yeah i had a thought about roasting veggies and went to my local library today for some recipe ideas. it seems i just have to work out what i fancy within the 600 calories. I think! Does anyone know if i'm allowed coffee? i'm struggling a bit with how to post and reply so i hope this goes on x
I'm on a VLCD and I'm allowed coffee, but I have mine black, so I presume you just might have to allow for how many calories are in milk and sugar if you take it.

If you decide to roast veggies, I use fry light a spray oil found in most supermarkets as its hardly any calories. Also can you eat sugar free jelly, might be handy if you need a sweet fix.


in my dreams!!!!!!
hi, yeah me too, so at least i can drink something warm in this chilly weather. i've been reading other members postings and they seem to swap their snacks for something else of the same calorie but i didn't think that there were that many calories in a pear and would rather have something chocci instead but worry about it. i think i need to get my head around it x

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