Another Question ????


Another question,

Kenwood Frothie Maker, do you guys still use yours?? Do they still blow your electrics?? I'm thinking on investing in one, would love to have hot chocolate over the winter, would also make soup easier for mum and dad if they do start CD.
Mel:D :D :D
Must admit the only blender I use is a cheapie hand blender from Asda (cost £4.97). Does the job, and if something goes wrong (which so far it hasn't) seriously cheap to replace! ;)
Thanks Pea, I have one just don't use it, suppose I could give it a go using hot water rather than cold, hmm looks like some experiments are in order
Same here - I used a stick blender (like a braun Bar mix, but cheaper), much easier than anything else and simple to clean.
*Dom realises she has finally turned into her mother, and wonders if she will start examing the cleaning instructions on clothes in the changing room soon*
Hiya Mel

I do have a Frothie Maker but have now passed it on to someone else as I bought a FANTASTIC Genie Blender from T J Hughes for £20 and it really is can order online and it only took a day or two to arrive! It is just soooo fantastic as it makes just about everything!
Hi babe
I have frothy maker and would not be without it for hot shakes,
its the only way hubbie can make his with out lumps.
I use the hand blender from asda for soups but always do shakes in FM
love libbie x
Hee hee, this was always my marker, my mum is always not buying stuff cos it would be too much bother to clean!!
I'm not doing CD at the moment doing Slimfast. But I have to swear by the Hinari Genie! have a frothy maker as well but I find that hard to clean. Genie is fab and you drink straight from the cup you mixed it in! and it comes with loads extras too. Oh and yes you can stick the cups in the microwave! So I mix my pack with water...add a few sweetners and microwave for 1 minute to get the most amazing frothy hot choc etc...Soups not bad in there either! As for the mousse and jelly! OMG what more can I say! And they are on offer at T J HUGhes online and shops at only £20.00! Click on the link....

Hinari Genie Multi purpose kitchen appliance that will do everything you need in one machine. This will save you having to buy loads of other gadgets that only do one thing each. Think of the cupboard space you'll save!ContainsHigh torque power baseStainless steel flat bladeStainless steel cross blade1 x Tall Cup1 x Short Cup4 x Party mugs with coloured rings2 x Stay fresh re sealable lids2 x Shaker / steamer topBlender with juice extractorRecipe book

re blenders

I have a Bullet you see them on sell a vision it comes with two whissy lids and many differrent shaped cups which you sit on the base and bobs your uncle . I think it has been invaluable. Its advertised at £29.99 on tv but i got it on cash carry for £14 its does all sort of weird and wonderfull stuff. I know its a bit pricy

I have both the Rocket (JML version) & the Frothy Maker! I use my Rocket for cold shakes & mousses & the FM for hot soups & hot shakes.... they are both fab in their own way, FM does make perfect soups though & always the perfect temp.

My FM has never tripped the power switch... maybe it's a newer version, I don't have it for long.
Thank you ladies, will pop into town once I've been paid and take a look in TJ Hughes, just want something that makes yummy shakes and easy to clean
I used one of those electric handblenders.

Worked a treat and easy to clean