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I know I can't have milk on the diet but can have black coffee. Can I have any sweetners?
Yes you can Lisa but make sure that they are the tablet variety as the granulated stuff contains additional carbs due to the granulation process....

So, any tablet sweetener like Splenda, Sweetex, etc are better....

Also, just a tip....but you can use the Banana Bliss Tetra as "milk" in your coffee if you like....tastes lush!!! :)
Or use a bit of Vanilla or Cappuccino shake in your coffee - yummy.

Have to say Diva the thought of Banana Bliss in coffee makes me shudder (not being a big banana fan myself) :p

Just to clarify, that is I'm not a big fan of bananas, not, I'm not a fan of big bananas:D )
PMSL!!! :D :D How on earth has a thread about sweeteners descended to talk about Big Bananas???? :D
Just to clarify - again - when I said big bananas I meant the fruit kind of course (not that I know of any other kind of course).

Think I'll shut up now
Someone mention big bananas ?

Am sitting in my little hotel room in the middle of bloody nowhere so logged on and see the tone is it's normal high level!


too tired....

I went to Bluewater today so am all shopped out.....