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Another returner!


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Hi everyone!

I used to be a regular member on the Xenical boards here last year but couldn't seem to stick to the diet, so I gave up. As another year begins, I've decided to get back on the wagon and turn my life around once and for all!

I'm in the final year of a degree at university, which means I'm away from home for most of the year, and I really struggle to lose weight when I haven't got my mum's healthy cooking to keep my calories down.

I go back to my little flat in Wales on Wednesday. I started my healthy eating today, but I'll not be starting to take the tablets until next Monday. I thought it'd be best to give myself a week to prepare myself lol.

I love reading everyone's posts here, I find them inspirational and supportive, and hope to be posting my own success story at some point in the future. I'm hoping to pick up some tips and advice, and even make some new friends to keep me going :)
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Hi Emma, I'm new and have been on the diet for a week-weigh in today! I put most of my weight on when I lived away at uni, I just went wild with the food (and drink!) I know how hard it is. Good luck on your journey! You will have to ask your mum to write you some recipes down, then amaze her when you go home and knock her something fab up for tea!!
A Geordie in Wales, I used to be one of those :)

Good luck with your healthy eating xxx
Hi emma i am new on here, started a week ago, got my first weekly weigh in tomorrow. Hope you are doing well.. Keep us informed i love following people progress, i also set up my own diary page, "my new years xenical diary" so if you ever want to pop over we can motivate each other :)


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A Geordie in Wales, I used to be one of those :)

Good luck with your healthy eating xxx
Really?! That's awesome, I haven't met many of us! I only know two other Geordies here in Swansea.

Hi Rach, I'll probably get round to setting up my own diary at some point. I'll definitely keep you all updated, I like hearing people's progress too :)

I was supposed to be starting my healthy eating last week and starting the Xenical pills today, but I've had to travel back to Wales last week, and I had an exam today so I've been eating junk food all weekend just to get me through the late night revision. Guess I'll start my healthy eating this week instead, but I'll definitely get there! :)


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The exam went really well :) I had my student loan in today too, so I can actually afford to go and buy proper food again, so I'm very excited to plan my meals and go to Tesco to buy it all :)
Glad to hear the exam went well :) Tesco is one of the best places to go i think, i want to get there this week sometime!! Its cheap and they do their own low fat meals, which would be handy for me when i cant eat what my hubby is having!!


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Yeah, it's great. I'll let you know tomorrow if I find any new goodies :)
We were in Llandysul, Ceredigion, about 45 mins to an hour from Swansea depending on the traffic. I would go to Swansea once every few months to visit the giant Tesco. Ours in Carmarthen and Cardigan were tiny with limited ranges, and no deliveries!

I didn't meet another geordie the entire two and a half years we lived there!

How long do you have left in the land of their Fathers?


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I'm in the final year of my degree now, I graduate in the summer, so I'll be moving back up north in June. I'm really going to miss Swansea, but I miss my family too much to stay down here on my own. I'm only 21 and I'm not ashamed to admit that my mam still looks after me lol. She cooks nice healthy meals for me, so she keeps me motivated. It's so hard to stay on the right track when I'm cooking for myself. It's so easy to just pick up the phone for a pizza or pop to the chippy next door (yes, I live next door to a chip shop, kill me now! Lol). But I have to keep thinking of myself in a bikini on holiday with the girls next summer and that should help me stay motivated :)
Not long left then. Have you got plans for after graduation?


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Just get myself home and find a job lol. I'm still not sure what I actually want to do with my life, so I need to figure that out first. All I know right now is that I want to get healthier and look better :)

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