Another success story with diet and exercise!

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  1. Gen

    Gen Normal

    Just a quickie.... I started with a trainer in the gym on the 21st November 2011 at 18 stone. I am now 12 stone that is a loss of 6 full stone in such a short space of time.

    I'll be honest when I was 18 stone the thoughts of waiting 9 months to lose 6 stone really didn't appeal to me... I wanted it gone now and wanted the quickest option. Then I decided to try the exercise and healthy eating route... as much as I said it didn't work or wouldn't work for me... I never actually tried it for longer than a week!!! Well it does work... I put a lot of work in both on the eating and exercise side of it but it was so well worth it and I feel stronger now than ever both physically and mentally. 9 months has flown by and looking back on it now I wonder why I felt that giving 9 months or how ever long it was going to take to lose the weight was such a bad thing. The benefits from losing weight just keep coming every day....

    It wasn't all plain sailing... I have had days/weekends/weeks off plan both planned and no so planned but I now have tools in relation to eating that I can fall back into relatively easy because I am just used to eating healthy now.

    I have attached a pic which shows the difference from my grad last year to my grad this year.... I just felt amazing at my grad this year I cannot tell you all how worth it it was.

    I am never ever going back and would never go near another quick fix lose loads of weight in a couple of months diet again... I am not dissing them but I have done them and I feel that they thought me nothing about the real world of food and temptation that we need to go back to unless we stay on them forever!!

    This was supposed to be a quickie but turned into a bit of a rant... sowwwy!!!! I have another two stone to go and hope to have it gone by the 21st November 2012 meaning I would have lost 8 stone in a year!!!!

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  3. Money-penny

    Money-penny Full Member

    Wow, amazing difference! Well done you really deserve it :)

    All the best with your last two stone and when you get there treat yourself to a pre-christmas clothes shopping spree! Party dress shopping will be a breeze for you this year :)

    Congratulations again x
  4. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    Hi look fantastic. Well done!
  5. Strawberry Madness

    Strawberry Madness Full Member

    wow amazing work!
    You really look so much younger!
  6. Kizzii

    Kizzii New Member

    Omg well done! You look absolutely fantastic! I want to lose two stones and I'm setting myself a target of three months. Ideally it's inches that I want to lose so reading your success story is just inspiring me to be patient more! Good luck with the last two stones! Yayyyy you! :)

  7. sammi.alice

    sammi.alice Member

    Wow you look amazing! 6 stone in 9 months is such an achievement! x
  8. RedRevolver

    RedRevolver Full Member

    Yay! Well done :) for the weight loss AND the graduations!

    What are you (now) a graduate in?
  9. spottitchsam

    spottitchsam Silver Member

    you just look amazing.all the best with losing your last 2 stones.are you sure you have 2 stone to spare?
  10. starburst85

    starburst85 Full Member

    wow you have done excellently well!! You must be chuffed!!
  11. faery_lights

    faery_lights Going Places

    You look amazing. Congratulations! :D
  12. Gen

    Gen Normal

    Thanks a million guys :)
  13. Wow you look fantastic I have to admit that's how you think when you know it's going to be a long journey 9 months seems a long time, but well done you :)
  14. shonaw

    shonaw Full Member

    OMG well done you look great when im finsh with mine i have 4st to lose i have also giveing myself to lose 2st before christmas and good luck with the last 2st
  15. what an inspiration to others (incl myself) very well done!!!!!! good luck with the 2 stone removal!
  16. Shikei85

    Shikei85 Full Member

    Well done, you look amazing! I'm trying to lose weight for my grad too, those photos are forever, eek!
  17. Oooh! Well done.
  18. cutiepie

    cutiepie New Member


    What an inspirational story!

    I'm going to go to the gym right now :)
  19. sungiggs

    sungiggs Member

  20. Bella Rose

    Bella Rose Full Member

    great weight loss and congrats on your graduations ! a whole new pathway has opened up for you and I bet you feel more confident now. Thanks for the inspiration x
  21. Cantingpine

    Cantingpine New Member

    Big well done, im hoping i can lose the weight as quick as you did ! What was your diet?

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