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Another thread about sizes!!

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Having read Cathy's thread about the difference in sizes these days I thought I'd post one about something I have been obsessing about for a few days.

I love to hear how well people are doing and what size they are now in. All I remember is that as a teenager and 9 stone 7lb I wore a size 14. Reading other peoples sizes and weights I'm finding it hard to believe that at 5'5", admittedly with a large frame, that if I get to my target of 9 stone 12lb I will be in a size 14.

I dug around in the back of my wardrobe and found an old skirt I wore when I first started work.

I measured the waist it was 28". I then found a George size 14 skirt (that I can almost squeeze into 3 stone from my target) and measured that waist. There was a difference of 8"!!!!!!!!

You may wonder what the fuss is about? Well the old skirt was a size 16!!!!!!!! My tall size 12 teenager was hard pushed to get it on!

Clothes sizes are obviously a lot bigger than they were in my youth, which begs the question, what size can I hope to be when I get to target?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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rainbow brite

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It's hard to believe that the sizes have changed so much - that's mad! :eek: Not sure what you could be at target honey but I'll hazard a guess at a 12 if you've still got 3 stone to lose xxx


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God! don't say THAT! CF! If I can't fit into a 24 and they're bigger now, where does that leave me!?
(only joshing, I think we've established that Matalans' sizes are mad) think I'll call it Madalan now. xx
Why don't people just buy clothes that fit and cut the labels out?

I think I have every size ever made in my wardrobe - on the labels that is. Yet they all fit me. Well, some are a bit tight at the moment, hence the LT.

Labels mean NOTHING. I don't even get worked up about it any more.

rainbow brite

S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
I may be stupid for falling for it but the labels do mean something to me unfortunately. If I ever fit into a size 8 I'll be wandering around the shop with the label hanging out for all to see lol


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Labels are pretty much the only means of comparison, because lets face it in the real world people don't know their BMI. I do agree that the size in any particular shop is irrelavent, but one's average size gives a good indication.

In answer to cuddly fairy, I'm now 5ft 1in (always was actually), BMI of 34.5, large frame, and clothes size 16 (i.e. 18, 16, 14, but mainly 16 in NEXT, M&S, Monsoon, Oasis etc. I'm a tight 16 on bottom, and a loose 16 on top.

I am 5'8 and currently at 16 stone.... im an 18 in trousers, and a 16 in tops (new look size) I still have another 4 or 5 stone to lose so i'd love to know what size that is gonna leave me at.

rainbow brite

S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
Again, hazarding a guess I'd say you'll end up a 10/12 if you lost 5 stone more
S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Wow, Guen and Hannah, I am very jealous! I weigh 12 stone 10.5lb with a BMI of 29.8 and I am mainly in a size 16! My hips are slightly smaller but then I was in size 14 undies before I started! I know I am a typical apple shape but .........!!!!

Cathy, Madalan is a shop I never shop for me in!!!!!

Thanks Gemma, it would be fantastic to be in a size 12 - not sure I ever have managed that before!!! A friend of mine is in a 12 but is shorter than me. I'm ashamed to say my size 12 daughter was gob-smacked when I told her coz she thought the friend was bigger than that! I must admit I didn't realise I was so much bigger than her! But then, I avoid all mirrors as much as possible!!!! Way too scary for me!

Thank you for all your replies.



nearly there!! :)
im 5ft 4 and weigh today 14st 3lb and am in size 14 jeans and depends where from but my tops can range from 12 (new look) to 14 (sasha) cant even imagine getting into size 12 jeans...that will be such a big jump for me!! but starting ll on mon so hopefully be soon :)
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dont even get me started on sizes..! it drives me nuts how much they differ over time and in different shops! im 5ft8 and weigh 15.12, and yet im still a size 20 (although now a comfortable fit), yet people with similar stats seem to be a lot smaller! even when i get to my goal weight (11 stone) i will be absolutely chuffed to be less than a 16!! so i can at least shop pretty much where i want (and not be eyed up by the smarmy shop assistant who knows im probably to big to be in the shop in the first place...) blah blah blah, sorry rant over! roll on the 18's....! :)
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dont you just hate those looks!! thats y istick to the plus sections to spare myself the humiliation of not finding anything in a size 18+
Im similar size to you.. i'd say im about 5ft 8 and started out at 15stone 13 size 20.. now weigh 15stone 1.. size 18 is comfy
S: 17st0lb C: 15st1lb G: 12st6lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 1st13lb(11.34%)
missy- i'm currently showing my oh your post and screaming " see it's not just me, I am NOT paranoid!" he thinks im a nut bar when i say that!
S: 14st8.0lb C: 14st8.0lb G: 10st8.0lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
lol it is true.. esp in fancy shops or shops that only go to like a 14.. the look is "why r u in here, u wouldnt fit into any of these clothes" once i was shopping for a friend in top shop and the assistant actually came over and said they had no plus section! like really! how rude!
S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Bakedbean, I am so with you. It does same unfair that I am still in a size 16/18 while others are heavier and in smaller sizes. I am so happy for them but cross for me! I suppose that is why I obsess that I will never be below a 14! I know I shouldn't, as long as I am healthy with a BMI below below 25 then what does it matter what size I am but common sense goes out of the window at times and I won't apologise for that!

Christiona I know what you mean about snotty assistants! I have 2 gorgeous slim sisters and for christmas one year I decided to buy one of them a pretty bra (she did ask for this particular bra) and the look on the assistants face when I asked for it in an A cup was priceless! She glanced at my much bigger chest in alarm!!!! I did put her out of her misery eventually and tell her it wasn't for me but I dined out on that story for ages!

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Cuddlyfairy - I am 5' 5" and now weigh 10st 4 and I am now mainly wearing a size 12 (reckon I'll fit into a 10 in some shops if I lose a few more pounds!!), started out at 14st 4 and was a 16-18. I think you'll definitely be at least in a 12 too.

Good luck x

Carol x


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I found this the other night because I find the height/weight/size thing interesting too.

Height in Musical Theatre

The third last post on this page has a rough guide, which I found helpful.

As for the manufacturer discrepencies, don't get me started, I just get so cross when they dont' even match what their own size guides say. ie Laura Ashley says their size 14 waist is 30.5 inches, but I know it's bigger than that, so annoying. Why can't we have sizing the same as men's - by waist measurement, then it's standard!!!


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catznolan - I am a fraction under 5ft4 and last week I was the same weight as you. However I am size 18 (usually tight) and a tight 16 on the top. Weird how we are all so different.


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How's this for a difference. My friend is 5' 8'' and weighs 14st 3lb her work tunics are a size 14. I'm 5' 7'' and 14st 13lbs and my new size 18 work tunics are tight. How the heck does that work??? Does 1'' in height really make such a difference?

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