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Another update :(

Hi all

Tonight the Doctor rang me after having applied for funding and told me they have asked for me to attend a weight loss clinic - he also told me that this was no guarantee of a yes to funding.

He has made me an appointment to see him for a chat and to fill in the form he was sent on Wednesday at 10am.

I have heard that I may have to attend for a year and worry about having to follow another plan different to SW - although I may come off plan sometimes I always want to return to SW... the thought of getting my head round a maybe more restrictive eating plan worries me.

My Dr said he has never heard of these clinics so will be a bit blind leading the blind.

I have shed tears since this phone call and even contemplated bingeing (THANKFULLY I talked myself outta that !!) - I feel completely thrown by this like I was when was put on Xenical previously ....... I was expecting a YES or NO answer to the funding not yet another obstacle to jump!

I feela bit damned if I do damned if I don't - IF I attend this clinic and lose then they'll say I don't need the surgery BUT I know I do as I am a serial yo-yoer and my levels are worrying me Diabetes wise.... BUT if I gain then they may say I am not committed enough!????!!!

Shame my Mum is on holiday - would've loved her to come with me for moral support (she came with me to ask for referral - twice!)

Have to take with me 4 weight measurements for over 2010 and stop start dates and losses gains but the best place for me to get that was on SW website but now I can no longer get access to my weight loss chart

Anyway - end of update.... wish me luck for Wednesday at 10am

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Good Luck !!!!

Surely any doctor can only see SW as an excellent way to eat. Healthy and nutricious with the bonus of losing weight whilst doing it.
S: 26st13lb C: 25st2lb G: 16st10lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st11lb(6.63%)
What weight loss surgery is it you are wanting hun, or are you not sure of that yet?

I was referred for a gastric band last year, in the mean time I joined Slimming World, it wasn't until I had lost 4.5 stone that they said I no longer met their requirements and could have it. Whilst they will talk to you about what you eat etc there should be no reason while, until you actually have the operation you can't continue SW, after all why would they want you to change something which obviously is working for you x
Pickle87 - I am after Gastric Bypass mainly to assist my Diabetes management with ongoing weight management.

WELL - went to the GP today - saw him for about 20 mins - basically I sat there while he read the form aloud and then asked me 2 questions. He has admitted I am his first patient to go through a referral for funding!! oo-er!!
Took along weight measurements etc from this previous year and he duly completed the form. This was the funding form - so have been told he THINKS I now have to wait to see if I have got funding - THEN I am meant to attend a clinic which may / may not lead to surgery! He told me "They'll have more hoops for you to jump through!"
Gives me hope - not!
He doesn't know where the clinic is......he said there is 'something' written on the form about Ashford in Kent!!!! I'm not happy driving long distances after my eye op so this worries me - I thought since it is meant to be basically a pop in and weigh then chat with dietician type clinic that it should be at local hospital etc.......
NOT GONNA WORRY ABOUT THAT NOW! just need to WAIT and see if I get the funding first - without that - no clinic - no surgery so everyone cross those fingers / legs - ANYTHING for a YES to funding!!! Doctor told me when I asked approx how long to find out "It is the NHS so your guess is as good as mine - allow years!!!!"

Hope you get it Jill. A 'real life' friend is waiting to hear if she has funding for hers,though hers is double funding as its for tummy tuck after weight is gone. Xx
S: 26st13lb C: 25st2lb G: 16st10lb BMI: 45.2 Loss: 1st11lb(6.63%)
Well good luck with it hun, I got knocked back for funding but thats cos I have managed to lose so well alone and my bmi went under criteria. I will be seeking funding for a tummy tuck though x

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