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Another week a little more gone


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Hi there everyone, i am finding it really hard now to lose the last lot of weight i need to, but i was weighed on friday and i lost another 3lbs, i was a little dissapointed as i am struggling so much, but i can really feel the difference and people are really commenting at work, i am still in a size 22 uniform which doesn,t help, but we have a new one which we start wearing next week and it is in a size 16, so i,m hoping that it will make me more focused and feel better about myself, hope everyone is having a good day
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You are doing brilliantly !!! 59 lbs gone . Maybe you are finding it hard now because the end is in sight . Keep your focus on your goal . dont be tempted to say to yourself " ah im near enough " . Take Joy in how far you have come . When you put on that new size 16 uniform ,a lot more people are going to notice . Soak up the compliments and that will keep you going. go shoping and buy a few new bits (cheap ones because they wont fit soon!!!!) but it could be the boost you need to stick with it


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Hi Katy

WEll done..you have come a long, long way and you are almost there...just over the stone to go now; so if you lose 3lbs a week, that is just about 5 weeks to go!!! The end is in sight sweetie.

I am re-feeding within the next week and a half, and have been struggling - not cheated but just cant stop thinking about food!!! So, maybe you are at this stage too, where you know yo are so near, but at the minute if feels far!!!!!

You will get there and you will look fab in your new size 16 uniform.....I am sure people will be gobsmacked seeing you in it, rather than your Size 22 uniform, which must be falling off you!

Have a great week and just keep the goal in sight!!


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Hi Katy,
3lb is a great weight loss and takes you to just a stone and a lb to lose, that's a very enviable position. You are so close now you must feel like you can finally touch it. Well done on all your weight losses to date and wishing you all the best for the coming week.
Congrats on your loss so far; you've done amazingly!! 3lbs is still great & I'm sure the new uniform will make a big difference to the number of compliments! From previous experience doing TFR, it really does help to get a couple of items of clothing that fit you & look great to enjoy the loss you've already experienced, just to really feel how much you've achieved. Keep it up though, you're so close now!! Good luck!!



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Thank you everyone for your comments, it really helps to spur you on doesnt it, everyone on this forum should pat themselves on the back for their efforts as this is not an easy journey, but so worth it in the end
well done! 3lb is really good - if you lost that every week it would be fab :)

I think having a smaller uniform will be really good for you, that's 3 sizes smaller than original! that's brilliant - will make you feel slimmer and better about yourself too as people will really notice the difference as well.


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Well done Katy, 56lbs is a heck of a lot of weight to lose- its a extraordinary achievement and you should be very proud. Well done on losing the 3lbs with your last weigh in, as they say thats 3lbs of fat gone forever! The new uniform should help you feel better about yourself and allow you to show off your new figure! :D

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