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another weigh in done

Haven't posted for a week or so, but lost another 6lbs last week.

Looking forward to my second AAM week which starts this thursday. I did have my first cheat last week while SSing. It was only a few lettuce leaves but it shows I have weakened slightly. It didn't seem to make a difference to the loss but I am starting to get a little bored by the diet.

It has only been 8 weeks and i've lost over 4 stones in that time, even so with the losses coming so quickly its surprising how complacent you become and bored almost with those losses. I WANT MORE AND I WANT IT NOW!!

I will stick with it I have no doubt about that, I've come too far. I guess I just wanted to get this moan off my chest. I think I need some goals other than direct weight related ones like 'lose this amount', or 'lose that amount' and so on. Goals that can be achieved sooner rather than later and won't require me to be 12 stone to do them.
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I can do this.
OMG..4st in 8wks, fantastic...keep it going.


Fed up of being fat
Well done on your loss so far!! I have my weigh in tomorrow hope Ive lost some pounds?

I have a couple of goals to get to which is keeping me on the straight and narrow now ... we've had two invites for family events, 1 in Sept and 1 near the end of Oct so its keeping me determined to be slimmer for those.
well done on your fabulous losses. 4st is a fabulous achievement.

I think I know what you mean about the diet getting a bit boring after a while. I may be wrong but is sounds almost as if you are finding it too easy and need another challenge.

Why not challenge yourself in other ways, perhaps exercise or to do some studying or book the holiday of a lifetime for next year when you reach a healthy weight. ANything to keep you motivated.


Wants to be a loser!
Congratulations on another fab loss FBNYS :clap:

I have a list of about 16 goals - all of which are spaced pretty evenly throughout the 6 stone I had to lose so that generally I reach a goal every 3 weeks or so.

To keep myself motivated to work towards each goal and resist temptation I have given some of the goals a reward - ie when I achieved my 2 stone off I bought myself a new bag I had been hankering after for months. 3 stone was celebrated by treating myself to an expensive skin care product I would never usually splash out on. I think that for 4 stone I will have a full body massage or I might buy myself a set of books I really want to read :p.

Some might think that target and reward like that is a bit corny but it helps to keep me away from the biscuit tin ;)
I think it has been good for me to find different ways to reward myself without food and eating as previously I have always celebrated achievements by overindulging with a meal our or a nice takeaway!! Hopefully I will be able to carry this forward after my initial weight loss.... we shall see...

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