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Good Morning one and all

Well it has been a while and my sincere apologies foe not being in touch!!

So last night #weighinwednesday i managed a terrific loss -3.5lbs off. God only knows how i managed it.

Wednesday 7th March - Chicken kebab in a pitta, half a portion of medium chips
FRiday 9th March - KFC chicken strips, chips, pepsi max
Sunday 11th march - full rack ribs (TGI Fridays), came with chips, then had a popcorn sundae, washed down with diet coke

and those i think were the major bits let alone the tiny bits of snacking i probably had in between!!

ANybody else have unusual weeks?
Yeah this is one...put a pound on even though been to plan. Just one of then things and will get over it.

Well done on the loss! x
hey!!sorry to hear about your gain!! have you done anything differently this week? more exercise?

or..was it a different leader/different scales? i put a pound on the week before last which i dont think was deserved but it was a temp leader with her own scales and it messed everyones weight up!!

thanks for the compliment on my loss!! means a lot!!
Yeah was a different consultant. My own scales was suggesting a maintain.

I just think ive not had enough speed.

I just have to try harder. Its no ones fault only my own so have to take responsibility.

KFC sounds fit right about now gonna nip morrisons for some skinny bacon, heck sausages and do myself a proper breakfast with plenty of good coffee.
KFC is always a good idea!! esp when its a bad idea and could cause a gain..totally tastes worth it!! proper breakfast sounds good! cant wait to see a picture of it! PM Me?
man someone needs to seriously help me with this food diary thing...ive never actually done one, its always been done for me! i take one look at and think, how the hell does this work?

why cant it be more simple...table....Monday--Friday across the top, then breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks down the side?

surely this is more simple?
I just write down whatever passes my lips inc water...helps keep track of the good stuff too.

I find it easier doing a diary on here than using the SW ones.