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  1. thenewnat

    Journey back to 2012

    Even in 2012 I still wasn't happy with my weight, and right now I'd give anything to be back there. I was a size 12 at the time and still wanted to be a size 8 like all the other girls in my class. Wish I could have appreciated my body back then for the healthy weight I was instead of wanting...
  2. Tammyseasons25

    How many syns is pataks mini naan bread?

    How many syns pataks mini naan bread? I had one. X
  3. L

    Here I go...again

    I think we have all been here, 'starting again', 'getting back on plan' or however you say that you are ready to commit to a new plan. Because that's just it, you need to be ready to commit. I have successfully lost 5 stone previously on a rival weight loss programme but it took me 3...
  4. Okitsbeth

    Sweetened almond milk

    Hi can someone please help, how much of sweetened almond milk can be used as your healthy extra? I use the ASDA sweetened and I can’t find it anywhere thank you
  5. F

    SP advice - Slimming world newbie

    Hi all! Just wondering if anyone could shed any light on SP days? I’m pretty new to SW (5 weeks in) and have been doing fairly well so far but I’ve heard that people use SP days to supercharge their losses and just wondered what exactly it entails? Any advice/ recipe ideas would also be...
  6. angelicskinny


    Had sausage roll 18 syns and then not knowing how bad it is had dried apricots, 100g How much is in it? Im fxckin out and options to eat r limited. Weigh in thursday. Might just skip i dont need my dads judgement anyway :/ help plz
  7. dreamingthin19


    Joined sw a couple of weeks ago and I lost 4 pounds my first weigh in but stayed the same last time and I weighed myself at home and despite my scales being inaccurate they wouldn't lie about staying the same I'm pretty sure and I didn't do one thing wrong ever since I started all I really want...
  8. H

    Batchelors Pasta n Sauce 65g pots - SW

    Hey guys, can anyone give me the syn value for the rich Bolognese and spicy arrabbiata pots please? Can’t find any info anywhere!!
  9. Kiara

    Protein Powder syns?!?!

    I know Slimming World is all about the healthy balance, with no need for extras like this, but I do A LOT of strength training & running and I like to add 1 scoop (25g) of protein powder in my smoothie for breakfast. The Protein Works Whey Protein Powder, unflavoured - 1 SCOOP (25g) 101 calories...
  10. Kiara

    Quakers Oats - Porridge To Go Syns ?!

    Anyone know the syn value of Quaker Oats Porridge To Go, the oat one and the strawberry, raspberry & cranberry one? Struggle to figure out the hex b in this. And if it IS part hex b, how many syns it would be if I used it ON TOP of my hex b? THANK YOU !
  11. O

    Batchelors Super Rice & Sauce

    Hi All, I've searched the web and can't find any syn value for 'Batchelors Super Rice & Sauce' there in pots not rice packets, it says there NEW which is probably why I can't find them...:(:(:( I've got the Mild Curry and Chicken & Mushroom flavor because someone told me they were free... does...
  12. J

    How many syns for the lime and chipolata chicken mug shot

    Does anyone know the syn value for the lime and chipolata chicken mug shot please
  13. M

    Help Needed ...Hapless Slimmer

    So I have been on my journey since January and I am getting no where I have lost all motivation! I am hoping joining Minimins that this can give me the encouragement I need!! Has anyone ever felt this way? :airquote:
  14. Chris Judson

    Another Weightloss!!

    Good Morning one and all Well it has been a while and my sincere apologies foe not being in touch!! So last night #weighinwednesday i managed a terrific loss -3.5lbs off. God only knows how i managed it. Wednesday 7th March - Chicken kebab in a pitta, half a portion of medium chips FRiday 9th...
  15. Ammyjanex

    My daily food diary.

    Hello everyone! I’m Ammy, I’m 21 and currently weigh 11stone 2.5lbs. Im also 5ft7! I am 17 months post partum. A little bit about my journey. I started slimming world in November 2016 weighting 12 stone 13 lbs and lost 1stone 6lbs and left in August 2017 and I have joined back from December 2017...
  16. Pizzaface

    2nd week on slimming world and gained 3lb :(

    So last week I lost 7.5 lb on my first week doing slimming world. I stuck to plan again all week and I’ve put 3lb on!? So angry and upset and confused ☹️☹️☹️☹️ Don’t know what I’ve done wrong. Feeling very disheartened ☹️
  17. Chris Judson

    A Miracle Maintain

    So weigh in last night resulted in a miracle maintain! after being off plan most of last Sunday because of the mother-in-laws birthday (TGI's and cake) i am well chuffed to have maintained!! It's my birthday tomorrow so i think it will be an off plan weekend im assuming so what happens next...
  18. Chris Judson

    Weigh In Day

    Good Morning Folks, Well i dont know how it comes around so quickly but here we are, Wednesday which means it's weigh in day again!! Weekend was 2 meals off plan but other than that, a good gym session monday (Body Pump class, can hardly walk now!!) and due to moving house (again) was running...
  19. Eclecticdonkey

    Extra Easy Couch potato to Yummy Mummy

    Hi everyone. Back again after a really rough pregnancy. Was sick for most of it and had so much back pain exercise was non existent. My little lady is now six weeks old so time to get my act together again. Her christening is Feb 18th and I plan to have 10lbs gone by then. Which will take me...
  20. Chris Judson

    Lost a little bit more weight

    Good Morning All, Slimmingworld weigh in last night, lost 1.5lbs...was a bit fustrated at this because i have been on plan all week because the mrs has re-joined slimmingworld so i have been focused to try and support her, she lost 5.5lbs.. Somewhat fustrated but hey that's life as they say...