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another work question relating to pay..

Yes it does, and it is tough going:sigh:. If you can I'd try not to borrow any money as you'll find yourself paying out what you've borrowed with little left.
Good advice.

hugs xxxxx

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big bear said:
I'll be getting paid monthly on the 28th of each month..I start my new job 22nd June, does this mean I'll get no pay until 28th July?

How am I going to survive with no money until then? :sigh:
If you've swapped jobs then you should get paid from your old job on 28th... But beware places like wonga.com as the APR is like 4000% odd!

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As well as what you are owed from your old job you should still get any pay earned from 22nd to 28th though surely? Whenever I have started a new job I have been paid for the odd days worked up to the pay day, and then full pay the following month.

Hope that makes sense and that I haven't completely misunderstood.


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Hi Big bear, it will depend on your payroll system and how late in the month they can add you to the system and organise pay for you. In our place payroll closes at the end of the second week in the month (for a 30th payday) so we would struggle to get pay to you on the 28th of June if you weren't starting until the 22nd.
However, you may be able to ask for it to be processed as an emergency payment? Or, their system may be flexible enough to be able to pay you for that first week at the end of June - perhaps give them a call to check.
Is there any kind of hardship loan from the job centre that you can apply for?

Sorry for so many disjointed thoughts there!!! Good luck with new job xxx

big bear

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I've been on JSA since the 22nd April so not had a last job..(was maternity pay before that).

No loans from the job centre as I was only on contribution based JSA & my H works.

We'll just have to struggle through until next month.

Thanks guys



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I wouldn't harm to ask your new employers to be paid for the week you work in June. They can only say no...

Anyway, good luck in your new job!

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