Anti CD friend could become my first client


Back again!
How funny is that. I suppose it's a bit strong to say she was anti-CD, but I think she viewed it as another of my (many) fad diets & I also think she's been waiting for me to put my weight back, which to be fair I always have done in the past. What I have noticed in the last few months is that her & another friend (both overweight BTW) have been very quiet about my loss & continued maintenance, I think their noses have been put out of joint.

She's not someone I see too often & I caught up with her today and told her that I was going to train as a CDC, she was interested & asked me a bit about it & finally asked me about the diet which of course set me off on my evangelical, I have seen the light mode, but if anyone asks me about it, i can't help myself, it just all comes pouring out of me how wonderful it is etc, etc. But I think some of what I said hit home & she's definately considering it & asked me to give her a shout when I'm up & running although she probably won't do anything till after Christmas.

Funny how things turn out! :)
There's nothing like a demonstration of how something really works to make people change their minds. You are your own best advertisement.