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ANXIOUS and doubtful (of myself)


Striving to be good.....
Hi everyone

Well, it's been a long long time!
I have had a bit of a difficult time of late which has sent me spiralling upwards on the scales. At the end of June I got a ruptured calf muscle which stopped me walking, driving anything really! consequently being inactive and housebound, followed by an amazing holiday, i have put on heaps of weight. (one and half stone actually).
Well, I am now back at work and able to drive once more and I find myself squishing into my previously loose clothes - some don't fit at all! Luckily (??) I kept my bigger clothes as they have become a necessity to get me to work in some sort of semi-smart order.
I still have a couple of weeks supply of CD soups and shakes Looking to come back now and feeling very anxious.....
Last monday I started CD, but the merest temptation had me saying yes to office birthday cakes and welcome back biscuits.
I can't remember where I left my 'resolve' when I had it last. I am still looking for it.
Has anyone else been so easily tempted once they had broken the strict CD regime and how did you get back into it?
Feeling a bit pathetic as I could lose 3 stone by Christmas. If that isn't a motivator, what is?
Also my CDC, Elaine has moved away with her job and now lives in London. I used to see her on a Saturday morning and that kept me in the swing of it.
I need to find a CDC nearby (Norton in WORCESTER) that will keep me on the straight and narrow.
Would love to hear from someone who has struggled to get back into it and found the inner resolve to battle on.
Good luck to everyone, keep it up
Be gorgeous y'all!!!

Mikki xxx
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Strong women stay slim
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Welcome back , I have been struggling for over 2 weeks but I have not put on , but yesterday I found myself back on track of CD . I know the feeling , once you slip you keep slipping , and you don't feel good at all . Just keep busy the day you start back and it does not help being at home ! Make the first day count as you go to bed say , I did it !


Striving to be good.....
Good for you that you haven't put on.

Your'e right about the slippery slope..... I shall make that my 'mental picture'...

One day at a time..... I CAN manage it for one day surely?
hopefully I will get myself into the right frame of mind mentally and then I have already proven to myself how it works!

Thanks for your encouragement Ms JMC, I will tell you when 'I did it!'

M xx


Strong women stay slim
S: 17st3lb C: 17st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yes , you can do it ! you will also feel much better knowing your back on CD knowing your making a start and knowing nothing will stand in your way of getting to where you need to be !
Your welcome , yes let us all know how you did !
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Hey hun, welcome back! Bite size chunks as MsJMC says, rather than thinking I need to do this for 3 months just do one day at a time and congratulate yourself for every day that you achieve what you set out to.



Trainee Maintainer
Hello there Diva,

Like Porgeous says, little bitesize chunks are easier to handle. Rather then staring sadly into a future of denial.

I don't know if you are one of those people who eat to improve your mood, an emotional eater. I certainly am, and the thought of not having a safe place to go to eat to escape the difficulties of life caused me no little anxiety.

Stepping out of the comfort zone is really, really hard initially. You will need to prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

It helped me to visualise what I really wanted to achieve. It helped me to question the feelings I had about wanting to eat inappropriately. Ultimately though, I went through a difficult evening saying 'no' to myself. Even a nice soak in the bath only partly mollified me.

However, the next morning, waking up and realising that I had 'won' my first battle, well that was priceless. All the anxiety feelings had gone (as I knew they would). I had survived! Until the next time...

I wish there was a 'cure', but there isn't. Every battle won makes the next one more easily winnable. You just have to physically take a stand and say 'no' to yourself when the need to overeat arises.

On the plus side, you are on a great site if you want to talk to like-minded people who know how you feel. Minis is a mine of experience, hope, and friendship. It is a safe place to unload, and everyone has the same ultimate goal - to get to a healthy weight.

Good luck, hun.
Diva 2B,

HOW ARE YOU? Even if you aren't succeeding with the diet, please come back this place is so good for you when you are at yourweakest.


Trainee Maintainer
Diva 2B,

HOW ARE YOU? Even if you aren't succeeding with the diet, please come back this place is so good for you when you are at yourweakest.
Diva, how are things? Even if you are feeling awful, please know that you are not alone with your struggles. We've been there, are still there actually:eek:, and understand. Even if you just post to say 'hello:wave_cry:'...

p.s. Hello there CC!

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