Any advice for a newbie? really worried!


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HI Guy's, i will be starting my LL journey in Jan, i have a 2 year old daughter and have put on nearly all my weight since she was born, i actually weigh more now than when i was full term with her. I lost my baby weight but ate my way thrrough post natal depression, i stupidly took myself off my meds and replaced them with food. I'am now back to my old happy self (minus the being fat bit), my worry is that if i'am happy i eat, sad eat, lonely get the picture, i wonder how not eating will effect my emotional well being? any thoughts or advice? thanks
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hi there
coupled with the cbt hopefully you will be able to start sorting out the food-comfort feelings.
personally i found not eating to be fantastic - i couldn't rely on food as a comfort blanket and this made me actually think about the triggers.

good luck with your journey!

daisy x


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Hi Daisy, thanks, i guess I will do alot of thinking during this journey, it's a bit scarey but i think bad habbits need to be broken and personally i think abstanance will give me the time i need, allthough to say i'am not looking forward to it is an understatment. Just looked at your 'stats' and you have done amazingly, i can only hope i get there.

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Hi karen,

Totally understand your fear - I was terrified when I started LL in 2008. The idea of going without food - it was my comfort for too, for every single mood too - seemed frightening, if not impossible.

But that is the whole point of the diet.

By breaking from food, and participating in the counseling - this is the time we learn to deal with the issues that drive us to food, and to learn new techniques, etc., to cope with the various moods and events without turning to food.

If it is any comfort, after about 2 weeks, the fear was gone, completely, and replaced by the overwhelming comfort that for the first time in my life, I kNEW beyond any shadow of doubt, that I would at last shed the second body I had been hauling around for 20+ years. Once that really sunk in, it was the easiest thing I ever did.

It is good to have a little fear....keeps us on out toes. But believe in yourself, and you can do it. But it takes 110% commitment and dedication - try to adopt a "Zero tolerance to failure" and storm through it, remaining 100% abstinant. Make no excuses - there is no reason to eat on this diet - and it will work wonders for you in record timing. Start messing about, and making excuses to eat - and it will drag out longer and longer. Seen it happen a million times here. Some can, but very very few do. ;)

I managed to abstain for 10 months, 100% through birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, trauma, tragedy, etc., etc., etc., all those things that were tied to food - and if I could bottle the feeling of that accomplishment, at the end, I wuold be a millionaire ten times over!

Go for it - commit to it - and know that if we all can do it, there is no reason you can't do it too.

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Thank you Blonde logic for you kind words and support, i honestly don't know how you did it for 10 months and take my hat off to you, I have made the 1st step and have bought my start date forward to the 6th of Jan. I think i will have to stick to it 100%, knowing myself if i start to 'cheat' it will all go down hill. I don't have as much to lose as some, about 3.5 stone, but want to address before it gets any harder than this.


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Good luck Karen, you sound like your head is exactly where it needs to be to do this. You will do just fine. 12 weeks and you will have spanked it, and really addressed and hopefully began to sort some of the food comfort issues with the cbt. It may seem ages to you, but that is about how long I have left to get to goal and I have been going since July - to me 12 weeks seems like the blink of an eye.

Brilliant post BL - even though not aimed at me it made me feel great reading it. You are such a lovely lady. x


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Thanks Peony, to be honest 14 weeks doesn't seem like a long time to shed what i have spent 2 years putting on but 4 months of not eating (real Food) or drinking the odd glass of wine (who am i kidding the odd bottle of wine) now that is worrying but having said that i just want to get stuck in. I had a look at the insperation pic's yesterday and can't believe what some people have achieved. I am more determined now than ever..


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Hi KarenLisa
I agree with everything BL has said.
LL is not like other "diets" You need total commitment. Cheating is not an option.
You would only be cheating yourself.
Just think - by Easter you will have lost all that baby weight, feel so much lighter in body and mind.
You will be readyto show off your new body just when the nicer weather comes and we want to wear fewer clothes.
You'll have a lot more energy asnd confidence too.Nothing to lose except weight.
Go for it. Good luck.