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Any Advice for a Newbie


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I am a newbie, looking to start the CD SS program on Saturday after a meeting with a CDC on Friday evening. I cant wait to start. Is there any advice any of you would like to give me? Or perhaps anyone that would like to buddy up?

I am 12 stone, looking to get to about 9 stone (maybe lower). Im 5 foot 5, and 25 years old.

Hello :)
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Hi Shelz,

Welcome to CD! Only advise I can give you is power through the first few days - those are the worst. Once you get passed day 3/4/5 then it gets a lot easier.

Also trust in the diet. If you stick to it 100% then the weight will drop off!

Good luck!


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Hi Shelz, I'm new too. My first week and first weigh in tonight. My advice is that you get on here as much as possible and make friends and get support. We're all doing it together and going through same things with diets. I tried diet few years back and couldn't do it cos i felt alone. It's different with this forum. Also it is really hard on beginning few days I think but I've found it much much easier the past two days. Also keep reading blogs etc to see everyone's successes that's really motivating me. Everytime you're tempted to eat imagine how you feel after you've eaten it- that helps me.
Good luck anyway and i'll hear how you get on
love broxi xxx

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Hi. That's great news you've decided to do CD. It's really brilliant. Im in my 5th week and loving it. This forum is a huge help.

Now, everyone is different and we all have similar experiences. The first week you can feel a bit weak but my worst day was the 6th. I kept myself really busy and just got on with doing the diet.

My advice to you is the following - if you have a big blow out before you start you will have hideous side effects in your first week. I would get into the right mindset from now. Start drinking about 2 litres of water a day and reduce your carbs. It really works. I had some extra sachets so the weekend before I started I had some shakes along with normal food. I was still light headed but it showed me that i wasn't light headed through lack of food but because I was getting a fast intake of all the nutrients I needed.

Focus on your goals and make mini goals to get you through. There are loads of threads on here to keep you busy however if you want to join us Shrinking stones there are a few of us aiming towards 9stone too. We have another week left of a mini challenge and are starting a new Shrinklie Power Challenge on Wednesday next week till the end of June. We all set our own goals and we are all going to get there together. Really fab group if i do say so myself....... the guys on there are lovely. But the whole forum is great so totally up to you.

If you need any advice just shout, Lovely to meet you. Try loads of flavours to find the ones you'll love and remember you are chosing to do CD not forcing yourself to do it.

Good luck xxx:p


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Hello Shelz looking at your figures they are very similar to mine apart from age add another 10 to mine:cry: so if we both stick to it (which WE WILL) we should be reaching goal around the same time, I would say stick with it, is day four of my plan and today for the first time I felt FANTASTIC> Not hungry and full of energy. Good luck darling, I will follow your journey for sure. :) Monica xx


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Hi Shelz, good luck to you! I did exactly the same thing as you last week; saw my CDC on the friday and started on the saturday so I'm now on day 4. I do seem to tire a little quicker than normal, but as you can see, this is something that most people go through at first on SS and it eases.

My advice would be to drink lots of water, and don't just wait until you're hungry to do it. I try to keep full of water so that I don't get too many hunger pangs (although it does increase the trips to the little girl's room a lot!) I'm also working out the best times to have my shakes, I find if I space them out evenly it does help a lot.

And if you feel down, come on here for some encouragement. I especially like to look at people's signatures on their posts, as they often show what their weight loss has been over the weeks. It's amazing and so motivating :)


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Hi Shelz..
Just wanted to wish you luck on your cd journey.. You have come to the best place as this forum is fab as we are all in it together to support one another..

The first few days can be a little tough but just keep yourself busy and drink lots of water. if you are starting on Saturday it would be a good idea to get used to drinking the water already until then..

Good luck and if you have any questions just shout as there is always someone around..



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Hi Shelz, I am in my second week and feeling great. Get through the first 3-4 days and it get's much easier and the results at the end of your first week will definately spur you on for the following week. Coming on here is a great help especially in those first few days. Everyone is very helpful, friendly and it's a great support. Good Luck Zoe xx

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