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Any advice kicks up the bum welcome

There's not much you can do, except start afresh. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and drink lots of water.

If you do STS or gain, don't let it put you off! Just carry on, and it'll be fine!
There really isn't anything you can do except not do it again.:) Go to WI, live with what the scales say and use it to get back on with renewed vigour. One week won't harm you in the long run!


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Whatever you do, DON'T write the week off as a failure!

This will only impact on your next week's loss, and might even cause you to lose interest in the plan!

Get back into it right away, forget the lapse, go the weigh-in, take the result on the chin, but keep at it, and with luck and effort you'll more than make up for it next week, even if it doesn't go well tomorrow.
Recently I had a terrible weekend; ate - and drank - everything in sight. My own scales on the Monday told a dreadful story (my scales and SW scales usually show pretty much the same). So I was very very good from Monday to weigh-in on Thursday and was delighted to find that I had managed to stay the same as the week before. Better than I deserved! I was very glad I hadn't written off the whole week as a failure.

We are all human - we do stupid things. It's what we do next to put it right that matters.


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Thing is the trend is downwards - weight-wise I mean! That's the main thing!


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You can HALT the damage by sticking to the plans from now. You can't reverse the damage by Tuesday night but you can stop it getting any worse.

It's done, it can't be changed - just get back to normal and eat lots of speed and superspeed foods!