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Any advice on soup flavours appreciated

Everyone has different preferences but I liked the spicey tomato, although I don't get many soups as I prefer the shakes. Have you tried the tetras frozen? It make them less sickly sweet
(Cheese & broccoli seems to be majorly disliked)
I like leek and potato (actually tastes like its namesake) and oriental chilli (tastes like curry pot rice) hope this helps my dear. I think we all find our favourites after a while mine is hot choc mint yum yum xxx


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Potato and leek is nice - its tastes for all the world like a hot cup (not exactly a rave review but it will give you the idea).

I hate the broccoli and cheese :jelous: but have had some in an 'emergency'. it may be an acquired taste - acquired that is as a result of dire hunger!

You'll just have to 'sip them and see' - get it?! There's not a lot to suck on SS!! :D:D
I love the vegetable soup, have gone off all the others, no doubt i will have them again, just got a bit sick of them. On the other hand, i am addicted to the chocolate tetras, frozen, from the fridge, room temp or with hot water, they are gorgeous. Hope you find a soup that you like.
i like the leek and potato and the oriental chilli. the oriental chilli tastes like thai. i hate the spicy tomato, its really sweet! no spice at all! x x
Chicken and mushroom is yum, so is spicy tomato - but that is rather sweeter so some people don't like it.
One thing i do is split the sachets. Half a sachet of soup made up in an "average" coffee mug is perfect - i think that's a bit thinner than making them up with the suggested amount of water.
Also i make ALL the soups the way they suggest doing the tomato one - i.e. make it to a paste with a splash of cold water - i use a swizzle mixer like the one Nigella raves about (kind of a hooped end with a spring coil all the way round it) - mix it really thoroughly as a paste, then add the hot water slowly mixing all the time.

good luck


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I hate the leek and potato and the cheese and broccoli - yyyuuuukkkk.

The only soups I eat are Vegetable, Chicken and Mushroom and Oriental Chilli. Those three are the nicest ones in my opinion.
I agree with making them thinner than the pack suggests, otherwise I found them a little powdery.

I used to like chicken and mushroom, mushroom, leek and potato... think that was it. Unfortunately I have gone completely off them...

When I started CD I liked everything, gradually though I've become more and more fussy, and now only have shakes, a few porridge and the bars.

I'm not sure whether this is common, or I'm just very strange lol.

Good luck!
The spicy tomato one was giving me a stomach ache for some reason :(

I usually have the chicken and mushroom and leek and potato - but as others have said, it's best to add a little more water than they suggest, it makes it a bit thinner but doesn't taste powdery.

I've not been brave enough to try any others yet.


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i love chick and mushroom, mushroom and oriental chilli! Not keen on the others!
All personal taste i'm afraid. I got 2 of each and just tried them...
i like the mushroom and broccoli and cheese.i did like the chicken and mushroom but have gone off that.i tried the spicy tomato and the oriental chilli made me heave and i cant get rid of the taste and i can taste it in water now and even when i have a cigarette.disgusting!!now im too scared to taste the leek and potato incase it does the same.

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