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Any advice?

Hi Everyone, My name is Lainie I am off to collect my first lot of lipotrim today and am actually starting on Monday. I have tried sooo many diets and just got bigger!
I recently had advanced NLP therapy with a hypnotist, so the good thing is I don't like chocolate, cakes, puddings, coke etc anymore and have lost a stone.
But I am impatient and really want to loose quickly. So I have been reading up on Lipotrim and I must say the results are amazing! I have found this site soooo helpful already just looking around it and reading other peoples stories really gives you motivation.
The advice I am looking for is what can I do in that first week to keep me going? I know its not going to be a walk in the park, I think I will be better when I can get past the first few days. so does anybody have any advice that can help me keep strong and determined? I would be gratefull for any advice going.
Thanks :)
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I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya chick!!

Just keep your mind occupied all the time! and drink lots of black coffee!! thats what helped me through the first week!!

This site is the best thing for keeping your mind occupied!! xx
Best of luck sweetie. Just completed my first week, not easy but if you have a mindset that is 100% commited, you WILL achieve your goal. I just relied on (gallons) of water and the occasional peppermint tea as coffee doesn't do it for me, but all I can say is try everyone's advice, as one of them will fit! You can do it.
Thank you

Thanks both of you, I think this site and the lovely people on it will keep me going. :)
Welcome Lainie.
Best of luck with starting. Im intrigued by your hypnotherapy! I could do with that to stop me thinking about food!
Stay determined and keep your eyes on the prize and you wont go wrong on LT. The people on here have been an amazing support to me so far and Im sure there will always be someone around if you need any advice. xxx
Thank you so much, I have ME and the hypnotherapy has helped loads with that, but I am still eating too much so didnt work with weightloss even though I cant eat chocolate etc I am just replacing it with other things, but at least it has made me feel well enough to start the lipotrim.
I think I will be ok if I can get past the first week.And like you say this is a great place with loads of support and help. Thanks again and good luck, looks like you are doing really well.
My best tip to get over the first few days is to split your shakes if you are feeling really hungry and have six half shakes instead of 3. I also drank hot tea and coffee to cure hunger pains. Another good one is a leaf tea, I love the peppermint tea, made hot and mixed with the chocolate shake, or even on its own.

Good luck and keep coming to the board for any help you may need.
hi sweetie well done for taking the first step. i wont lie, the first week is pretty hard but just keep coming on here and reading everyones stories. also, have a look at the inspiration slide, it really does spur you on.
also, make sure you have something to do eat night. i found that during the day whilst at work i didnt think too much about food, it was when i got home in the evenings when it was worse. reading is really good, when i get lost in a book i don't even bother with smoking which is rare for me!!!

good luck honey, you will get so support on here. if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!! mwah xx
i mean at night instead of 'eat night' freudian slip there!!
good luck and just stick to it is all i can say

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