any body have any idea?


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Hi im new to this forum. I wondered if somebody would be able to help?!?
i joined ww 5 wks ago i lost 7 lb in total up until last week. When i went to ww last week i lost another 9.5lb :eek: i was sick that week so i didnt really eat much, i am to get weight again tonite and im afraid im going to put it all back on :( so my question is has this happen to any body b4 and do you think i will put on weight this week. i have been sticking to ww this week and have done 2 dance classes to try keep it of.
i am dreding getting weight tonight

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Try not to think of it as a negative! That you MIGHT put on weight. The fact is that you have been making changes towards leading a far healthier life. And that is such a positive thing. It is likely that your weight loss will be far less than 9.5lb, but until you step on those scales, you don't know that for sure.
You are doing so well. And I always found when I was on SW that the weeks I thought I had done the worst were the weeks that really surprised me!
Keep it up honey and be proud of your achievements so far!

B x


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and how did you do??

your usually dehydrated when your ill, hence the drastic weight loss may have put a little back on, but dont stress hun...whats the rush ;) x


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Hey there was wondering how you went on and at the end of the day you have lost so much prob more than if you hadnt been ill so if you do gain its no biggy is it becasue maybe you wouldnt have lost that much in the first place. If that makes any sence lmao