Any CDC offer their services online?

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    Maybe a silly question but I am wondering if anyone know of any Cambridge Diet Councellors who offer their services online? I usually work unsociable hours and I am also not the sort of person who likes much social intercation (mostly due to my weight!) I was buying the cambridge diet sachets off ebay (I know this is frowned upon!) but this was getting too expensive and I am now running short on supplies. The last time this happened my only option was to continue eating again as normal, which wasn't that much, but the weight started going on. I've now been back on the sole source diet this past week and would like to make it further than 2 weeks this time. Can anyone help?
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    Unfortunately there is no online service available on CD. You do need to be weighed and monitored and fill out a medical record form. Your GP also need to be informed if you are doing Sole Source. If you work unsociable hours you can buy upto 4 weeks worth at a time, but would recommend you get weighed more often. Minimins is great for online support, but there is no way round not seeing a counsellor to get your packs.

    If you do not like socialising, your CDC will not make you, he/she is there for support and who knows - you may even make a friend!

    Making the first step is always the hardest but once you are on track it does get easier. Don't be afraid, most CDC's are very approachable and understand about being overweight - we've done the diet!

    Good luck!!
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    Where abouts are you???

    I see a lady off here ... (normally in a car park between her house and mine!!) She orders what she wants from me ... and I deliver it to her. She weighs herself and measures herself ... carparks not really the place to do that! But she logs in with me daily either via email, text or on here.

    She did complete a nedical form though - and you would have to do so for any CDC. But many of us are flexible in seeing people out of normal hours!
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    I know that most CDCs will come to your home, you may have to pay their petrol but it will be alot cheaper than ebay prices.
    I really would reccommend that you make the most of the support offered by CDCs, I wouldn't be able to stick to it without mine.
    My weekly weigh-in helps keep me on the straight and narrow.
    At the end of the day, you prob go out to work, shop etc so swallow your pride and contact you local CDC, we all hate being overweight and others seeing us this way, but as least going to your CDC you are doing something about it.
    Unless you are not overweight at all, and know that a CDC wouldnt supply you???....
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    Slimming World (my way!)
    but check out the w8 section of minimins regarding the supply problems many online customers have encountered before spending any money with them.

    From my experience, cambridge counsellors are lovely folk, and will usually sell you a large batch so you wont have to see them every week and remember - not only are all their customers overweight, they were themselves too - so nowt to be embarrased about.
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    cambridge diet
    The nearest to an online service you will get from me as a counsellor is online and msn support but you would still have to get weighed weekly and pick up supplies weekly. No cdc would be allowed to provide an on line service it would be dangerous not knowing who the person was, what medical conditions you had the need to weigh etc. This is the unique selling point of Cambridge, we are there for you every step of the way.
  9. Sez

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    Think I'm going to move house!! How lucky your clients are!!
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    Well, I guess I'm an exception then..not that I am a CDC but my CDC lives 600 miles away. She's a friend of mine though. I had all the forms and everything signed by my GP and she also weighs me once a month and signs the result off so my CDC can log it knowing that I don't tell her fairy tails..
    I get my supplies by royal mail. Not ideal and somewhat costly but there is no CDC where I am (next one is about 4hrs drive away..). I suppose I was lucky because she was a friend before she became my CDC.

  11. sallies

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    cambridge diet

    thanks how i wish though i only have 2 clients at the moment. I am a nutritionist and sports nutritionist so happily do have clients for sports nutrition:cool:
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    Thanks for your responses. I have ordered a months worth of the W8 stuff so i will see how that goes. I appreciate everyones advice that I should make the time to see a cambridge councellor, but I just have a real problem meeting people, zero self confidence, and this holds me back a lot in life, hence the need for the diet. Also I never want to go back to the doctors for as long as i can help it....long story. :(

    I managed to get 2 weeks of cambridge diet off ebay which I started last Wednesday. On Wednesday I was 17 stone 12, today I am 17 stone i definitely need to be on sole source! Maybe once I can get myself down a bit more I will more confident in dealing with people. I know it sounds silly and that the CDC's will probably understand my situation more than anyone else....but one step at a time!!
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