Any comments on this please?


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Hi all,
I hope everyone is doing well.

I just wondered if anyone could advise me on this: I can't seem to get into ketosis. I started SSing on Saturday (after coming out because of a terrible TOTM and needing a 'full' meal) but by Monday had to have chicken from the 790 plan because I seem to suffer badly with tummy acid even with zantac tablets if I just SS. I don't have the milk or the veg though, so there's even less of a reason for me not to go into ketosis. The only other thing is I have had a bar a day; could this really make the difference do you think?

I would appreciate your help because my CDC is nice but I can't really talk to her about things. Thanks xx
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Hi Puddy, it does sound as though you are one of the unlucky ones who can't get into ketosis whilst having the bars, at least in the first instance :( Perhaps you could drop them for a week, see if things improve?


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Hi DQ, thanks for the reply x
Maybe it is that simple then...just take the bars out? It can't be the chicken can it, as meat/fish don't affect you going into ketosis, is that right?
It's a hard diet to do whilst you're not in ketosis isn't it, and this is day 5 so I had hoped to be by now! I'll leave the bars alone then but still have the meat or fish allowance and see if that works. Please reassure me that it will do!!!


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:D Thanks DQ, you're so helpful, and if I could vote for you to win the slimming award, I would! I will report back hopefully with good news soon, but seriously, thanks for replying, sometimes it feels very lonely doing this xx


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If you didn't want to stop the bars, I wonder if it would be worth just sticking with the peanut or cranberry, which unlike the other flavours, have the same amount of carbs as the shakes.

Just a thought