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Hi lilly - im a dab hand at the old er birthday cake!!

Heres the recipe i always use for the sponge and filling and it never fails:

8 oz butter (room temp)
8 oz caster sugar
4 eggs (whisked)
8oz self raising flour
Preheat oven to Gas 4.
Cream the butter and sugar together until fluffy.
Add the whisked eggs a bit at a time and stir in.
Sift the flour into the mixture and whisk in.
Pour mixture into an 8inch round cake tin which has been greased and lined with greaseproof paper.
Bake for 50-60 minutes – or until a skewer comes out clean from the centre of the cake.
Leave to cool on a wire rack before halving and filling.

For the filling:

3 oz butter (room temp)
4 oz icing sugar
Dash of vanilla

Cream butter and icing sugar together until fluffy.
Add dash of vanilla extract and stir in lightly.
Add required to taste - make sure its a good quality jam with no bits :)

Hope this comes out ok for you chick.

Do you want some help with how to ice the cake aswell?


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icing yes please i dont have a clue i usually use icing suga and water lol but i never like the taste of it i want the cake to look nice like the ones you buy from the bakerys lol xxx


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haha ok well you can buy already rolled white regalace icing from the supermarket which basically you unwrap and lay over your cake and cut around to form a nice edge at the bottom. To enable the icing to stick to the cake very lightly brush it with a tiny bit of water around the edge and top of the sponge then your icing should stick perfect.

Now, some people i have made cakes for like marzipan too so i put a layer of marzipan and then a layer of icing but this really is personal taste.
To stick marzipan to the cake you need some apricot jam and you need to heat it up in a saucepan untill its almost runny - runny enough to spead over the sponge with a brush. lightly layer the apricot over the sponge then do the same to the marzipan as explained above for the icing. Then very lightly with a brush brush some water onto the marzipan so your icing sticks to the marzipan.

Remember - use icing sugar on your surface (not flour!!) so it doesnt stick if you have to lay the icing to the side! :)

I always pipe a design around the bottom of the cake just simply use a piping bag and whatever size nozzle you want and do whatever style you want. To make the icing for this your going to need an egg white, icing sugar and some glysertine (i cant spell that properly lol)

I have some pics in my baking album honey go take a look.

For the design on the cake you can buy fancy things from a cake shop or buy a piping set from the supermarket and draw whatever you want on (but i make my own icing with colouring but for your first cake i would say get a piping set - like you would get with ice your own gingerbread men cookies thingys from the supermarket) and use them :)

Ill put a pic up in the album of a victoria sponge too for you to see without icing on ... :)


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ok how mant packs of that icing will i need how much is it roughly and do i have to roll it out and lol what do i cut it with and if you want the icing around the edge at the bottom you knoe thr one you pick off and eat ty x


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ok read it properly thanx so to make the icing round the side how much of everything will i need eg icing suga, glisterine egg whites tyty


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just use one egg white and keep adding icing sugar untill it is really quite stiff then add a little glyserine and mix well :D


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Thanx summergurl if you dont mind me asking how did you learn how to bake these cakes saw the pictures there really good x


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Learnt from the best - my grandma!!! :) she used to bake amazing cakes back in the day, she is very talented and so taught me all i needed to know :)


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How have you got on making the cake?
How old is your daughter, Lilly? When my daughter was 3, I made a square cake into a bed once, with the three bears under a patchwork quilt, with happy birthday written on a dream bubble on the "headboard". The mummy bear had a book and glasses on, the baby bear was in the middle and daddy bear with his mouth open, looking like he was snoring away...it took days to make and only a few minutes to devour!!!! Then another time, I stuck a cheap "barbie" doll torso in a pudding shaped cake and decorated the crinoline dress with jewels...sugar jellies and silver balls!!! Had loads of fun, now I'll do the same for my future grandson...not a dolly one tho!!! Hope your cake turns out lovely!


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Hay my lil girls six im gonna make it in 2 weeks i went to bye a new cake tin the one i got aint deep enough been looking everywhere cant find one xxx


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Do you have a wilkinsons? I went into my wilkinsons the other day - the cooking range they had in there was great :)

if not, try ebay - never fails! :) lol


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Yeah there is one near to me, the cake youv got on your pics the circle on wot size tin did you need ps iv been looking everywhere for seedless jam a good one cant find none xxx
Hey cake bakers,
I made a 'party table' theme for my little girl's party (when she was a little girl..she's 27 now). I draped the above mentioned icing over the baked cake like a white table cloth. For little sandwiches I cut liquorish allsorts in half and used other various shaped sweeties to represent other types of partyfood and a tea-cake in the middle of the 'table' to look like a chocolate cake etc etc. She loved it.


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The round cake tin i use is an 8inch loose bottom tin.
I know supermarkets do them aswell as wilkos.

seedless jam - just make sure its a jam with no bits.

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