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Any Difference now?



Starting Again!
There is still red and green days, but for the 40th anniversary they introduced extra easy - which combines the two. You can have free foods from either red or green and when you syn an item you take the lowest value. Instead of 4healthy extras you only have two - 1a and 1b. Also there is still success express and Mix2Max - but these are less talked about. Most newbies are doing Extra Easy.

Hope that helps,

Natt x


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I LOVE extra easy, but i feel like i'm eating too much on it, so tend to stick to mostly green and red. I have a couple of EE days after weigh in, then a green day, then a red, then green then the last couple of days on red to get rid of what's commonly called carb-face (basically fluid retention due to carbs).

Not sure how true carb-face actually is but i do find i shift a bit more (i'm a daily weigher :eek: ) on reds than when i'm on green or EE!


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lol it's a habit that i can't break unfortunately - plus the wii fit likes me to weigh every day! LOL :D


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glad to know i'm not the only one who can't break the daily-weigh cycle! :p seems there are quite a few of us! hehehe

Beki thanks for the info about carbs, that's very interesting to know, X
you're welcome. don't take it as gospel though. i saw it on some american chat show a couple of years ago (the carb-face thing) and it got me thinking, and i've definitely noticed a difference in my daily weight with either green or red.

this is only on a daily basis though - i haven't been on SW long enough to know how it pans out in the end. i imagine that any fluid retention/carb-face would go after a while though.

personally, i couldn't do all red days as i love couscous, pasta and sw wedges and couldn't give them up! :D i just have the last couple of days before weigh-in as red just to make sure ;)

just as an example... all this week since weigh-in my weight has stayed the same doing EE and green. yesterday i had a red day and this morning my weight's dropped 2.6lb!

but i'm having my last green day today until weigh-in so i imagine i'll weigh slightly heavier again tomorrow lol :copon:

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