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Any exercisers out there? Help needed!


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Ok, so i'm not an exerciser at the moment...but i really really want to start!

I promised myself that at 12 stone i would quit smoking....so i did that 2 stone earlier, and my new goal was to join a gym or take up running at 12 stone....so it makes sense that i'm wanting to do that early too!

I am on SS, so know that exercise is a big no no, and i'm ok with that, but i dont know that if when i get to 12 stone, that i will be ready to start working up the plans...

My aim is to hit the ground running when i get to maintenance so the weight doesnt automatically go back on, but i'm worried that i'm holding myself back by being on SS...

Does a) any of that make any sense? and b) anyone have any suggestions?

Kinda stuck between VLCD and fitness?!?!?!?

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I've only been doing CD for 3 weeks, but I have been going to the gym as I did before I started CD. I have changed my workout a bit. I no longer do large amounts of CV work, I used to do 40mins Cross Trainer, 20 mins Rower. I've now cut that down to 20 Mins Cross trainer and then some weights and situps. That way I am just using the Cross trainer to warm up my muscles before I work them, thus easier to tone up.

As long as you're not going mad and work your way into it gradually, then I wouldn't see there was any harm in you doing a little bit of exercise. Maybe just start with going for a half hour very brisk walk and see how you go with that.. then gradually progress upto 2 mins jog then 2 mins walk, that way you are getting your heart rate up enough to burn fat, but not completely knackering yourself out.

Give it a go xx


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I do 30 mins treadmill every morning very fast walking on an incline an have been the last 2 weeks im on ss, and feel absolutely great for it.


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I started a wii fit challenge thread, for anyone who has a wii fit of course, if you have one check it out.


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It's not a good idea to do a lot of cardio on SS (can slow metabolism etc), but resistance is fab and will help reduce loss of lean mass, and keep the ol' metabolism going into maintenance :)
I'm doing SS+ and am keeping up my walking. I've just reduced the distance by half and slowed down a little. So I'm walking the canal to the next town (nice flat walk of about 4.5 miles) 3 -4 times a week.
It's hard work, but that's as much the heat as being on CD.

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I used to do loads and loads of exercise before CD. I started on 810 and had so little energy I couldn't face the gym. Even walking was exhausting. But i've moved to 1000 now in my 11th week and am planning on going to the gym tonight. Really looking forward to it but going to take it easy and see what I can do.

Interesting KD says to do resistance training as this is my favourite but I thought the muscle gain would effect the scales. I really want to start toning my arms tho so I think I'll give it a go and get rid of my delightful bingo wings.

I was told swimming and waling are the best thing to do on Cambridge. Maybe start with walking and a few home arm weights and join a gym further down the line when you can make the most of it xxx

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