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Any Gleeks?



Overweight or undertall?!
only half a hour to go :clap: and i think i must be the world's oldest gleek LOL x
hehe... I have a soft spot for Rachel I am afraid but sue is funny and holly too... and I suppose I see a bit of me in Emma (scary I know!) but Blane is fit! hehe ss
Awesome episode!!!!

Kurt and Blane - CHECK

Emma and Will - .....
Rachel and Finn - ....

They are clearly saving that for regionals (they better had be!!) xx
Ooops was still watching episode (and indeed still am).. thought regionals would be last episode... looks like there is one more and hoping that they all get together! x
Wish I look like Rachel!! (or Quinn.. Lol) or had half the singing ability hehe!

Love the original songs - had them on the iPod since released on album... Overplayed doesn't even cover it :) I AM A GLEEK!!

Love the announcement of the winner lol! And yay they won!!!! Can't believe sue lost it - too far!!!!

Kurt n Blane are sooo cute! Rachel so deserved the award!

Of course Sue would have lost it! it's Sue..."WORLD WAR SUE"...she is funny but tbh I LOVE PUCK! he is delicious and I love his voice! I loved last nights episode :) they were amazing! xx
I think hitting her was too far lol but loved world war sue! Puck is cute as especially wooing Lauren! X


Overweight or undertall?!
last night was episode 17, there will be at least another 4 episodes, bet they win nationals this year!

i'd pick puck as my favourite, wonder if he'd like to be my toyboy ;)
Hmmm fingers crossed they win nationals :) 4 more yay :) x


Overweight or undertall?!
big question is, who is going to die before nationals?!!!! x

sounds like there is 22 episodes this season so 5 more left
What!?!? Don't say that no-one can die! Are US much ahead of us? X
I heard that too...maybe it'll be Burt...he did have that heart attack earlier on in the series :( Really don't want him to die though!...what about Jean? Sue's sister. xx
Awwwww no it's all too sad :( what about Carl and then will can comfort Emma?! Don't want anyone to die dammit!!! X
True true x
Yea she's fun ;) wouldn't mind her figure! X


Slimming for my children
oh nooooooooooooooooooooo! should put spoiler in title! I havent watched last nights yet! :p

Anyway we ( me and my husband) are major gleeks! He has bought all the albums and will not listen to a song on the new album until we have watched an episode ho hum!