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Any go-it-alone SW-ers buy the magazine?

Miss Q

Full Member
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Hey lads and lasses that do SW without going to classes - have you bought the magazine?

I picked up one along with my free food while shopping at asda and found it more interesting and enjoyable than I thought.

I liked the stories and recipes and - was surprised - with the beauty section.

I buy quite a lot of magazines each month, but would be happy to give up just two full-of-the-same-kerry-katona-stories to get SW monthly.

Is it always as helpful or did i pick it up at the right time? Anyone who buys it religiously? Anyone think its a waste of money?

I'd appreciate your opinions :)
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I have never done SW but love the magazine and always buy it when I can get it...it seems to walk off the shelves.

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Hiya Miss Q, when i was following the plan I used to get excited when I knew another Mag was about to come into the shops!!! I know a lot of the other SW's on here did too! lol

@ Mini, hello you! looking good mini :)
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Hi there! I think some months are better than others to be honest, so I usually flick through to get an idea of the recipes. Also I've been a member for a number of years and I see the same recipes being repeated again. All in all I get it about three or four times a year but I do think it's useful for people who are new to SW or following it from home.

I must admit though that the recent focus on Extra Easy recipes makes me less inclined to buy it as I'm a veggie.
I love the magazine! I find it a really good way to keep up to date with all the news. The stories are great and the recipes are mostly very good and are normally the sort of things I cook (and tend to have the ingredients).

I just wish that it was more regular!!


Slow but sure....
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Yes, I always buy the magazine, I find it very good because you pick up things in the magazine that you would normally hear about in a class - such as the new products out and the Syns for them, I also like the recipes and the weight loss success stories, it certainly helps me to keep motivated.
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I always buy the magazine I think it is brill, I have made quite a few of the recipes and the articles give me inspiration too.
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Yup I always buy the mag, it gives me a bit of inspiration when I see the success stories. Plus it keeps you up to date with new products and also what's new in the Healthy Extra department.

And like you say, the beauty section is always a good read. I haven't done many of the recipes from it but they're always good for ideas.

J x


Getting fit for 30!
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I love the mag, it comes around quick enough that if I'm feeling a lack of motivation there's always some gorgeous skinny people in there to give me a boost :) Going it alone can be toguh sometimes, but with the fabulous people here and the fatties turned slim in the magazine it's nice to know we're not alone :)

Natt xxx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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I always get the magazine, not only are the stories inspirational, but the updates are great for making sure that Im on the right track!


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I live in France and pay for an annual subscription to the magazine. I keep all my back issues (back as far as 2004) and get them out by month for seasonal recipe ideas and to re-read the stories. I'm reading Aug/Sep 2004 at the moment and it's like having a new issue of the mag!
I love it! I buy it the minute it comes out, it's only £1.70 in group so well worth it. I love the recipes and try to cook most stuff out of it over the following few weeks. A lot of the recipes are out of the cook books they bring out (which I also buy!) but I like the way they are put together in the magazine.

I'm not too fussed on the stories but I read them, I like Margaret Miles Bramwells page too, I find that really good.

I wish it was monthly that's all I can say!

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