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Any got an interesting Chicken Casserole recipe?

My friend is coming over for dinner on Tuesday - we are both doing ww at the moment. I have some chicken breasts and a great selection of vegetables (which I can always add to). I want to make an interesting chicken casserole obviously for super low points. I am just a bit worried it might turn out to be a bit bland. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am happy to adapt a beef stew recipe etc. I don't want to use flour or wine in it.

*Apologies for the omission of "one" in the title!
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I'm not sure if this is any help - but I tend to make a 'mediterranean' type of casserole; red onions, peppers, courgettes, mushrooms, tomatoes etc in a thick tomato sauce with plenty of garlic, harrissa paste (or chilli if you don't have) and sometimes a little bit of paprika. It's not a 'typical' casserole but it's very low in fat and points and generally I find it very tasty - you can add what you like really e.g. mixed herbs etc. I tend to just brown the chicken slightly (in frylight obviously!), pop in casserole dish, then soften veg slightly and pop in casserole dish, then make the tomato sauce, add some stock, pour over the veg and chicken and put dish in oven for about 45 mins.
It's yummy with brown rice or a jkt potato and super low points as the sauce is 0 points.
Got this recipe of a friend, haven't tried it yet.

Creamy chicken casserole, 3 points per serving - 12 points per recipe

500g (1lbs 2 oz) skinless chicken fillets, cut into large chunks
10 small shallots peeled and halved
2 celery sticks sliced
200g (7oz) baby carrots (if small left whole)
2 garlic cloves chopped
2 star anise
A sprig of 2 fresh tyme
150ml (1/4 pint) white wine
200g (7oz) chestnut mushrooms halved
250ml (9floz) chicken stock made with 1 cube
4 tbsp low fat single cream, such as Elmlea
spray oil

brown chicken pieces in pan until brown, in a seperate pan add vegtables, saute for 5 mins and then add garlic and anise and thyme and saute for 1 min. Add wine and let it bubble for 1 or 2 mins. Add mushrooms and season with plenty of black pepper, stir for 4 or 5 mins until wine had disappeared. Add stock, stir and cover. simmer for 15 mins until veg are cooked. Add chicken pieces and cover and simmer for a further 10 - 15 mins stirring occasionally until chicken is cooked. stir in the cream and then serve.

add potatoes or rice, ( these are not included in the recipe points value)
Haven't tried it yet, so I can't really say what it tasted like.


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The one Dopeyangel has described would be classed as a tagine :) (minus the tagine oven) just thought i would mention
Lay chicken thighs ( skinned ) around 4 - 6 in a slow cooker- pour over some canned pasta sauce and cook, slowly..

or.. make up a pasta and sauce packet, then,halfway through the chicken being cooked ( doesnt take long ) add this, and cook through till all ' melding' together.. serve with greens.carrots. whatever veg you like, plus, say half a jacket spud.. easy, and healthy..

yogurts and jelly for afters ?

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