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any green plan users out there?


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S: 11st0lb C: 9st11lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 1st3lb(11.04%)
hi everyone

i am new to sw just got to the end of my first week and on green plan as i am vegetarian. i have noticed a massive change in the number of toilet visits but feel rather bloated and disappointingly only lost 1/2lb in my first week - where am i going wrong????
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S: 18st2lb C: 16st1lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 2st1lb(11.42%)
Welcome F4ye to MiniMins:welcome:
I have moved your thread to the SW forums and left a redirect as it will get more attention in this forum and someone here might be able to help you out.


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Hi F4ye, I primarily do extra easy, but I just wanted to say that you're not necessarily doing anything wrong to have lost 1/2 lb in your first week! We see people around us losing 3, 4, 5, 6lb in their first week and compare ourselves! I was a slow starter, losing 1lb, then 1.5lb, then 1.5lb and then a bigger one! I still have slow weeks, despite being 100% most weeks (I'm 33 weeks in!) Some people just have a bit of a pattern so I'd recommend you don't judge your progress based on one week- see how you get on and the most important thing is to be patient!! The bloatedness may just be a result of a change in diet and your body needs time to adapt to it! If you think you may be going wrong somewhere why not post your food in the food diary section and other people can give you pointers if needed!! Stick with it, all those little losses add up (look at my progress- I'm averaging about 1.5lb per week- I've just been doing it a while now) I'm sure you'll get bigger losses too along your journey! Good luck!XXX


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Hi F4ye, I am vegetarian too, well pescatarian to be truthful. I only do green days. I am feeling a bit bloated today but it is the start of my * week so that is normal for me. Could this be the issue for you too?
I am not sure what you mean by toilet visits (without me being graphic!) but I have increased urination which I put down to the water I am now drinking that I didn't before. Get up a few times a night now which is rather annoying!

Have you posted a food diary? Perhaps we could have a look at it just to see if everything is ok?

I would say you are only a week in (like me) so far and maybe need to give yourself some time to adjust. A lot of people who see a 1/2 loss first week go on to have bigger losses in the second week, so this could also be the case for you.

I am also not sure how much weight you have to lose. A person with a lot to lose is going to see bigger losses in their first week.

Hope this helps x


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hi and welcome, sorry if any of this sounds a bit patronising, its really not meant to :)

first thing i would think of is are you sure that you're drinking plenty of water? it could just be something as simple as water retention! another thing i was guilty of at the beginning was over eating :( (ridiculous on a diet i know!) but don't fall into the trap of thinking that just because something is a free food, you can gorge on it until you feel like you're gonna explode :p especially on green with things like rice and pasta, remember that they are carbs and you will feel bloated if you over do it, the point of free foods is that you can eat til you're full, but you do need to stop when you are full.

give it another week and see how you feel, congratulations on your loss and keep at it! xx


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S: 11st0lb C: 9st11lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 1st3lb(11.04%)
thank you everyone - i think i am just so desperate for success! i really shouldn't be so hard on myself as i don't need to loose too much at all but i am very impatient!

I have posted todays food diary for you incase it helps you to help me!

todays food diary

28g shredded wheat & 1 ryvita HXB
200 ml s/s/milk HXA

1 banana
1 apple
1 pear
water approx 1/2 litre through morning

couscous and roasted vegetables (approx 7 squirts of light fry when i roasted the veg last night)
homemade pea soup just peas veg stock (homemade and no fat) and 1/2 onion
mixed berries and natural fat free yoghurt

quorn bolognaise
wholewheat spaghetti
2 babybel light cheeses HXA
1 pint water

snacks and extras
1 decaf coffee plus 25ml milk from this mornings HXA choice
2 ryvita (HXB) and quark

no syns today

this is generally about the quantity of food i have had with approx 3 days out of the last 7 i have had my syn quota in alcohol and a couple of days I have used up between 1 and 7 syns on extra dressings and sauces but nothing outrageous.
i have also been doing a bit more exercise to add to my usual yoga/pilates class.

i think i am a bit lost on the portion sizes bit - i realise i cannot just stuff my face with pasta and potatoes but i am not sure how much is ok and when you are mixing free food in dishes e.g potato salad, rice salad etc even when all ingredients are free or superfree it really isn't free is it?? i mean you have to account for having all those carbs surely?

all advice gratefully received!


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S: 11st0lb C: 9st11lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 1st3lb(11.04%)
oh and the toilet thing - i mean extra wees and poos!
apologies for this ladies as i hardly know you! LOL
S: 11st12.5lb C: 11st6lb G: 8st11lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 0st6.5lb(3.9%)
You shouldn't force yourself to eat more or less; just eat until you feel full. I think it takes the brain 20 minutes to realise it is full, so you should eat slowly.

And 0.5lb isn't bad for your first week; it is the amount my mum lost and she lost 3.5lbs yesterday, so keep at it!

I gained a pound in my first week - though I wasn't 100% in the slightest - but still consider yourself lucky!

Good luck with it; I started today as EE, but then as I couldn't be bothered to cook any meat, I changed to a green day and really enjoyed having two HEXA and HEXB :)


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S: 11st0lb C: 9st11lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 1st3lb(11.04%)
more q's.....

do you have to use both HXA' and B's because you can have them on green?

i will check in tomorrow to see what you all say!

thanks again for the advise and support this evening -

i will be back!

goodnight all
S: 11st12.5lb C: 11st6lb G: 8st11lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 0st6.5lb(3.9%)
You don't have to, but it is recommended that you have at least one HEXA and two HEXB on green and red.


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S: 14st5lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.3 Loss: 0st1lb(0.5%)
I have looked at your food diary and I thought it looked ok. I would maybe try and get some more speed foods in there, but not knowing what veg you had roasted, you may well have had some in with this?

I always use all 4 of my HEX's. Couldn't be without them! I think they are important to ensure you are getting a balanced diet. I would also suggest having some syns everyday, my consultant told me to have at least 8 a day. I tend to like my syns (!) and usually have between 10 and 15 everyday so I do not feel deprived of yummy things!
I am quite new to SW although I did do it some time ago and lost about 3st. I am sure there will be posters along tomorrow to give you some more recent advice.
You will find what works for you and that weight will come off x


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I agree menu looks good, perhaps up the superfree foods and eat until satisfied not stuffed....easier said than done I know.
Sw recommends 2 B's and 1-2 A's when following Green or Orignals, there really important part of the plan. Also with syns 5-15 each day if not then your dieting and this is more about a healthy plan for life.
Stick with it, try looking at a monthly loss as it gives a better overall picture.
Wishing you loads of luck


Never gets tired of SW!
G: 10st10lb
Your menu looks fab to me!! If you've been eating like that every day I don't see that you're going wrong!! Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and see what happens next week! But my advice to anyone is just be patient and you WILL see the results you want! You've changed your eating habits, probably in a big way, so you can't fail to reap the benefits! The main thing is that you enjoy your food, otherwise it will feel like a chore! That's why it's important to have your syns, and do have your HEX's- you might as well if you're allowed them!!XXX


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I agree with Funcurls - all looks fine, and is probably a period of adjustment for your body.

I also suffer wih bloating, and have an activia light one or two times a day. (The vanilla is esp yummy and handy at breakfast if you don't want to use a HExA because you need them for something later in the day. My fave is over the frozen fruit salad which I leave to defrost in the fridge over night.)

When I first did SW (YEARS ago - when we talked about Sins instead of Syns) I was one of the only ones in my group who did just green days, and remember being dissapointed comparing results on my first week in. It all came good though.

If you haven't got much to lose, you might find some exercise helps things along a bit quicker too. Nothing horrid - little and often and fun!

Good luck xx
S: 17st2lb C: 16st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 30.6 Loss: 1st0lb(5.83%)
I think that the thermic effect of protein means that if you were to eat the same number of calories in protein vs carbs you would lose more weight on the protein.

So green may be a bit slower but I'm sure you'll get there!
I have done mainly green days since I started, working out most weeks as about 5 green days and 2 extra easy. Usually doing the extra easy when going out etc to make it easier for choosing.
I think as others have said if you keep doing what you are doing and adjusting as to what suits you you will get there.
I haven't found my losses have been slow with green days, some weeks are more than others of course but I've lost nearly 5 and a half stone since September so am quite happy with that rate of loss!
Good luck with finding what works for you!


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I'm veggie, so feel free to browse my food log.

How did you eat before starting SW? I used to skip meals all day and eat a lot of processed foods/take aways in the evenings. Now I'm cooking all meals from scratch and eating much more fruit and veg.

I think that if you suddenly change your eating habbits, the body goes into a bit of shock. I know I'm visiting the loo more frequently, but that means that everythings working the way it should. My body isn't having to struggle processing the food the way it did before.

Make sure you write down everything you it, to make sure that don't forget any 'syns' you've eaten. Make use of you Hex's and have some syns, eating too little will effect your weight loss.



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S: 11st0lb C: 9st11lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 1st3lb(11.04%)
oh you people are fantastic - thank you all so very much, i have loved reading you replies and the little extra bits of information you have supplied. I am in awe of the amount of willpower you all have to be able to loose weight so steadily, I hope I can keep up the pace!

I also had a long email with my consultant who assures me all is well and I just need to carry on as I am and yes eat some more syns! What a great diet!

So, thanks to you all and my lovely consultant I am feeling much more positive today and I am really enjoying the food, I am sure I will get more used to the options and amounts and all will be ok.

I hope I will be able to support some of you if i can too, perhaps with green day recipes, if I have any tasty experiments in the kitchen I will let you know!

thanks again,

F4ye x


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
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I am a pescetarian too and up to this week have done Green Days, however as I have hit a plateau I am trying a week of Red Days (using Quorn instead of meat) and lowering my carb intake, I have a diary in the Food Diary section which I have been filling in since January so feel free to browse through and see what I have been eating.

Good luck and welcome to Minimins :D

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