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Any help with NoCount/Core

I believe they are the same thing anyway. I have the guide in my mums old Switch book and 2 switch cookbooks so i am prepared but i have read through them and there is no mention of ready meals or eating out etc.:confused:
If anyone has any old information or tips on this plan (as i know a few of you have been on here when that plan was around, and was hopeing some voices of experiance could guide me a little!)

I was wondering if you have chinese takeaway/anything else out do you just take those points from your weekly allowence of 21 or are there any rules for counting the free foods in it (ie. veg, chicken, pasta, noodles etcetc), do you then just count points for oil,fat, flour? Do you just have to guess whats in it???? So how, for example, do you know how many points to count for sweet and sour chicken and chip shop chips???

I wonder if you would point how much actual chicken etc and anything else core that is in it, and then minus that from the normal point value? giving you the non core value?

for example S+S chicken is 10 points. 5 for half a tray from the takeaway. I think there would be about 1.5 chicken breasts in that so about 3.5 points worth, Therefore 5-3.5=1.5
Would i count that as 1.5 points of my weekly extra? Or am i supposed to count it as the whole points from my allowence?

Hopefully that makes sense and anyone out there might have some information from when they did this plan in the past?
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is getting better at it
hi when i done the no count/core plan and had a take away i used to count the points for the whole thing as you dont really know how its cooked and what else has gone into it like sugar and thickners, also ready meals are not allowed as things have to be cooked from scratch oldchem had a great website for no count/core recipes and it is brillient
Thats what i thought but ive read bits and bobs about counting things within the meal so any help is much appreciated!


is getting better at it
i suppose it depends how much you want to tweak the diet to suit you but i would count the full amount, but there are loads who dont, but if you want a definate answer maybe e mail weight watchers direct and ask
I will be doing Nocount, which is basicly the same as core other than i think they changed you couldnt have ricecakes on core and you had to have healthy oils? Or somethign like that!
Im starting on monday :D

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