Any idea why..?


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No idea, I didn't even realise houmus wasn't allowed on a red day! Maybe its something to do with the protein, as green days can lack protein compared to red days.


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it also could be to do with the amount of fat in the nuts , i may be wrong


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This is the response from SW when Fatstitcher asked this a few weeks ago

"We will be updating the information on the Extra Easy feature and menu on LifelineOnline as soon as possible to avoid any confusion, and LifelineOnline’s food diary has already been updated so that nuts, seeds and cheese aren’t listed as ‘b’ choices either.

The reason we made this change is that the aim of Healthy Extras is to ensure that members get all the vital vitamins, minerals and fibre they need to enjoy a healthy balanced diet. Just as each eating plan puts emphasis on different Free Foods, Healthy Extras vary slightly from plan to plan so that members consume a wide range of nutrients on a daily basis. Our Green plan makes Food Optimising a truly fabulous option for vegetarians and those who prefer less meat. On Green days the Free Foods tend to be rich in complex carbohydrates and limited in protein. Therefore members can get the protein and other nutrients not available in the carbohydrate-rich Free Foods on the Green plan from the Healthy Extra choices of lean meat, fish and poultry. Cheese and nuts are also a source of protein and rich in certain vitamins and minerals (e.g. B vitamins, zinc, selenium and vitamin E) lacking in a low meat diet. And these are an additional option particularly for vegetarians and any members who don’t wish to get their protein from meat or fish choices.

On the Original and Extra Easy eating plans, members can obtain protein from Free lean meat and fish easily, and as such, Healthy Extra on these two plans tend to be rich in complex-carbohydrate and fibre. If nuts and cheese were allowed as a ‘b’ choice on the Original and Extra Easy plans, members could miss out on a vital fibre or complex carbohydrate choice by only choosing these options, and having a less well balanced diet."