any ideas i would really appreciate :)


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I've seen a Frylight Butter spray in the supermarket. Haven't tried it though so can't comment on its taste.


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I always mix in Low Fat Laughing cow or Low Low Cheese spread with a teeny dash of milk. Season with a little sea salt and cracked pepper and it is DELICIOUS. Having some this evening with chicken chausser....nyum :eating:
Hmm these all sound yummy i will be trying them all i stopped making mash because i was getting bored of chicken stock mash lol thankyou :)


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Mm yeah low low spread mixed in is lush, or onion and chive cottage cheese, or laughing cow blue cheese triangles just to make it intresting


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ooo they all sound fab, think I might try some of these x x


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Flora light.. 3 syns for 20g I think.. Enough to make it buttery!! Yummy!!!