any ideas on what to do at the weekend?

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  1. skinnymamu

    skinnymamu Full Member

    cambridge diet
    Hi all, well this is my first week on CD and SSing - first 2 days i did "nibble" but I think I have cracked it now and feeling really positive

    usually on diets it hits friday night and it goes out the window!

    does anyone have any good ideas on what to do at the weekend that will stop me thinking about what i am missing?

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  3. 30FlirtyGirl

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    get out and about or do something which doesnt involve you thinking or being around food. The weekends for me are the hardest but getting out in the fresh air helps. if you get really stuck, post on here and we'll help you through. Good Luck xx
  4. Tatty

    Tatty Full Member

    I know it sounds silly, but have you thought about taking up cross stitching or making cards or any other hobby that you have to think about whilst you are doing it that causes you to forget about food? I am 26 and find that every now and again I have to whip out my sample that is coming along nicely to be able to get through an evening haha :D Luckily I work two jobs and the part time one is in a nightclub at the weekends so I don't have the problem much these days!

    Hope that helps and good luck!

    Tatty xx
  5. minilady

    minilady Gold Member

    cambridge diet
    Weekends are definately tough, but only at the beginning, get through this weekend and it'll get easier:)

    Weekends I used to get loads of housework done (boring I know) My house had never been as clean as when I was ssing! Long walks, hot baths, how about organising a pamper day at the weekend. Or just sit glued to Minimins for support.

    Don't think about what you're missing, think about what your gaining! You'll be healthier, more energetic and of course slimmer:cool::D

    Keep in mind how great you will feel when you have a good loss next week!

    Good luck for the weekend, you can do it!!!

  6. skinnymamu

    skinnymamu Full Member

    cambridge diet
    Aw thanks all, pamper day sounds good :) I may head to the local sports centre for a jacuzzi and steam and head to the country for a big walk! I might pop on here too and see what everyone else is saying. Just feels like everything i think of involves eating and drinking :( cinema - the small of popcorn would drive me wild, a day out at the beach - would miss the picnic! there is also a fun fair near by this weekend but I can just imagine the smells of burgers and candy floss!!!
    Thanks for thr advice though I will try my hardest!! I hope I get through this OK xxx
  7. misheemoo

    misheemoo Full Member

    thank you minilady,your words of wisdom has really helped (Don't think about what you're missing, think about what your gaining! You'll be healthier, more energetic and of course slimmer:cool::D) x
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