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Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by L.i.n.d.a, 1 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. L.i.n.d.a

    L.i.n.d.a Fatgirlwannabeslim

    Hi all, on week three.. Starting weight was 20st 1.5 lb ..
    Lost 2.5 first week
    Stayed the same (no suprise ..birthday) 2nd week

    Am 43 yrs and vegetarian

    Have used all weekly syns in three days
    Weigh ins Thursday

    Can write off extra as flexible syns and try not to use anymore next four days or use lower amount

    But any help / advice/ inspirational before n after photos / etc will be gladly needed..

    Thanks and good luck to you all

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  3. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    I would suggest trying to avoid eating all your syns in such a short space of time and flexi syns are not there to be used in that way really. They are there for the odd occasion when we know we will not stick to 15 but we set a new upper limit for the day (or weekend) and then spring back to normal. Some people work their syns weekly to allow for greater flexibility. I have done it and it works but it's not advisable to have so many and have to cut back so much because down that route the feelings of deprivation lie.

    If you are vegetarian are you doing green days? That way benefitting from the extra hex may help you stay away from syn laden options?
  4. L.i.n.d.a

    L.i.n.d.a Fatgirlwannabeslim

    It was not a conscious decision to use all the syns . In hindsight things I thought were healthy extras or syn free .. Were not ! Now I have to adjust and adapt the rest of my week n looking for ideas to help keep it interesting, to feel like I'm synning psychologically, when I'm most probably not and mainly to feel FULL. I made Quorn shepherds pie last night, totally free albeit milk n cheese as healthy extra a choices .. Was gorge but my life too busy n full for cooking everyday like that. Anyone else have that problem?
  5. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    I think all of us face this. If we had time to cook gastronomically healthy feasts all the time we would have no problems. It's about planning and foresight. For example when you made your quorn dish could you not have made double portions and frozen half for a day where you are too busy to cook?

    also if you find you are using hindsight to judge what you are eating then the foresight becomes all the more important so if it were me I would take the time to remind myself of the basic principles and take my eating back to the simplest version of the diet possible so there is no guesswork. When the lbs start coming off there would then be more motivation and you could introduce some more interesting items. It's the weeks where I try to get 'clever' that I tend to slip up. The weeks where I have basic lean meat, veg and potato I tend to find the most successful.

    Browse the lists on here for lower syn "naughties" and make a tin that you can dip into without doing too much damage. It's better to not have the higher syn alternatives around if you are eating first and thinking later.

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