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any ideas?x


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Hi and welcome to SW and the forum!

When you say you're not a fruity person...do you mean you don't like fruit at all? Or just that you tend not to eat it?

I suffer from IBS and fruit can really set it off at times, so I sometimes only have 3 pieces and not the 5 I was having...so I've had to change my snacks too.

I eat a lot of Muller Light yoghurts, NAS jelly (1/2 syn for the new Hartley's pots without fruit in), and weirdly...dry weetabix (HEB or 3.5 syns each). I also take carrot sticks to work a lot of the time and make sure I have plenty of free/speed foods with my meals.

Ideally you want to be having free foods as snacks, SS and S foods if possible. If you plan ahead and get stuff ready in the evening before, you should find it easier. I pre cut melon and carrot sticks etc when I make my lunches so it's just grab and go the day after.

HTH xxx


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Welcome to the forum.

You could try Activa Feel Fuller Yoghurts they are syn free and really do help to fill you up - there's lots of lovely flavours too.


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You should buy the low syn snack book from class, that is all snacks 5 syns or less, you could also cook up some low syn sausages & cut them up into little pieces and munch on them all day
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Not easy when you just want something to pop in your bag with little ones is it. Could you maybe have something made up in the fridge (pasta salad or similar) that is just there to snack on, and when you know you are going out with the kids, have a bowlful before you go to make sure you don't get hungry and need to snack. I know it takes a bit of planning and fore thought, but it may be easier than a handbag full of hard boiled eggs lol.
yougurt feast

Thanks, good ideas from you experts!! lol!will stock up with yogurts and the sausages are a good idea. will have to get into acommitment of getting things ready night before! Pasta is a great idea so thanks everyone.


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I get the small bags of carrots from Asda, 3 for £1, and the small dairylea dipping pots. yummy


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
Now that I'm not sure of as I no longer go to class so don't have access to Syns online. They are only 50 calories though so they wouldn't be more that 2.5

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