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any menu ideas for an extremely fussy eater :-(

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by orla126, 12 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. orla126

    orla126 Full Member

    Hi everyone. i joined slimming world online last week. (i have 3 daughters and work 2 jobs so getting to meetings is virtually impossible) my story so far is this. I am 5ft 3in and currently weigh 9st 7lbs. this may not sound a lot but i am normallly 8st 7lb. I put on 1st from i stopped smoking last February and have not been able to shift it. i would ideally like to be 8st 7lb again so my clothes don't hurt :) i followed the plan to the letter for my first week and pretty much STS. although it is my *week and i'm hoping this maybe why?
    my main problem is what to eat. i am ridiculously fussy. i don't eat red meat, salad, fish, pork lamb.... this list goes on :) i'm not a vegetarian because i like chicken, bacon, pork sausages and sliced ham. but honestly i would eat potatoes and veg everyday if i could :) i tried to vary my meals last week. i even made diet coke chicken with boiled rice which i really enjoyed. my lunch is normally the same = 2 slices of 400g wholemeal bread with beans or scrambled eggs. i eat fruit throughout the day and have even given up alcohol to help lose the weight.
    if anyone has any menu ideas i would be really grateful. thanks
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  3. Berry85

    Berry85 Full Member

    Sometimes I look at the food diaries section to see what other people eat and get ideas?
  4. orla126

    orla126 Full Member

    will do thanks. still trying to get the hang of how these forums work :)
  5. MrsSOS

    MrsSOS Full Member

    :welcome: Orla :) Congratulations on stopping smoking! :0clapper:

    Hmm, fussy eater :giggle: (So is my DH but, I've hidden all sorts in his food that he hasn't a clue that he's eating :whistle: )

    It is so much easier to give advice if we know what you *do* eat :)
    So far, from your post, we know you eat:-
    • chicken,
    • rice,
    • bacon,
    • pork sausages,
    • sliced ham,
    • baked beans,
    • fruit and
    • eggs

    I'm quite sure that isn't a complete list and I think, if you could expand on the foods/vegetables you *do* like, we could be of more assistance. But, I'll work with what you have given us (so far!).


    Beans on toast.
    Egg on toast.
    Bacon butty.
    Bacon, eggs and beans on toast.
    Bacon, eggs, beans and sautéed potatoes.
    Boiled eggs and soldiers.
    Ham omelette + a piece of fruit
    Bacon omelette + a piece of fruit
    French toast and an apple
    Cinnamon French Toast and an orange
    Chopped apple and sliced banana with Fat Free yogurt (I'm just guessing here that you may like yogurt? If not, settle for a couple of pieces of fruit).
    Bowl of cereal (HexB?) with chopped fruit and milk from HexA?

    Egg and cress sandwich (bread from HexB, but, if already used as toast for breakfast - or cereal - add as a syn)
    Bacon sandwich.
    Omelette (if not had for breakfast)
    Chicken sandwich
    Chicken pasta salad
    Chicken soup
    Jacket potato with baked beans


    Chicken stir fry (noodles)
    Chicken curry (rice or jacket potato)
    Chicken Bolognese (pasta or jacket potato)
    Chicken and baked bean chilli (rice or jacket potato)
    Chicken and rice
    Chicken, bacon and baked bean hotpot (layer all those and top with thinly sliced potatoes and bake in the oven)

    The more limited you are in what you choose to eat, the harder it will be to think of a rotating meal plan that will a) fit in with what you *do* eat; b) fit in with the principles of SW; and c) make weigh management a positive experience for you.

    Could you expand on what you will eat, please?

    Also, think about *why* you are a "fussy" eater. Is it habit? Is it allergy related? Is it because you have simply decided "don't fancy/like that" and remained stubborn for your whole lifetime?
    Again, my DH was like that when I met him - don't like it, never have! - but, our tastes do alter as we age and I think you may be surprised at what you may now like that you may not have eaten before. For example, my DH will now (knowingly :giggle: ) eat: yogurt, pizza, curry, chilli, enchiladas, lasagne, fresh carrots, petit pois, rice, pasta and (unknowingly) celery, parsnip, swede, leeks, tinned tomatoes, passata, cheese, garlic ... I'm sure there is more, but, my brain is tired.

    Take a bit of time and go through the handbook and make a list from it of the foods you are prepared to eat to lose weight.
    E.g. Lists of "Super Free's", Free's, Healthy Extra A's & B's. Post them here and we'll give you as many ideas as we can (collectively) come up with :)
  6. orla126

    orla126 Full Member

    Thank you so much MrsSOS.
    i think my main problem with food is that i'm afraid to try it. I say that i don't like beef burgers or brown sauce, but i've never even tried them before :confused: i have always been a fussy eater, but it was by choice and not necessary. i know i will never like things like steak or fish because i have tried them before but i am hoping that as well as losing weight, i will challange my taste buds. Your sugestions so far all sound rather tasty. I suppose being fussy i only ever eat the same things which ultimately mean i'm lost for ideas on cooking new things. I want to try different sauces to accompany my meals. Most sauces i had before come from a jar and most would not be very SW friendly. I fear that my 3 girls will grow up as fussy as me because i stick to the meals i know which limits their experience with food. :cry:i'm open to trying anything now. i mean what harm can it do! if i don't like it, then i'll try something else :) one thing i do have to be careful about it nuts. my 7 year old daughter has a nut allergy and i carry an epi pen for her. :d'oh: i am open to trying anything with vegtables or the likes of chicken, mince or bacon/sausages. i might even try a dish with beef to see if i like it. so any recipes or directions on where i could find them would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    Hi Hun,

    You'll find the more you try, the less you mind trying, it's a good cycle/habit to get into - especially when you've got little ones!


    ^^ this thread has saved my meal planning countless times, because I'm quite a fussy eater too, I stick to the same flavors - and if you know you 100% don't like something you can substitute it for something else that you do. Have a browse through peoples diary's on here, you'll soon get inspired (and peckish!) - if you know the SW "rules" you can scour most of the internet and adapt new recipes by taking out or swapping just a few ingredients.

    I can't find it right now, but there's also a "what's for tea tonight?" thread, where people post their dinners, if you have a look through the 700 odd pages, you might get some good ideas - people here and lovely and friendly so you can always ask people for their recipes if there's something that takes your fancy! :)

    EDIT ; http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world-recipes/164404-whats-tea-tonight.html
  8. orla126

    orla126 Full Member

    thanks Llamamoks. i will certainly look through these for inspiration :)
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