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Any motivation?


Violet is shrinking
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Hi, firstly i think youve come to the right place..i wouldnt be anywhere without the help and support that you get from this forum.

there is a great sw section here,there is bound to be someone there who can help you get back on track.

if its motivation youre after,check out the diaries,motivational stories,they really inspire you on..maybe you could keep a diary here too.

Good luck on your journey and keep posting :)

S: 17st8lb C: 17st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 45 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hello hun and welcome!!

I agree with bunny, this site is amazing for help and support or if your having a bad day, come on here and we will boost you up and cheer you up :)

Good luck on your weight loss journey :) x
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I sound awful but every day is a bad day. Emotions get in the way as well. I havnt come to work prepared for lunch! Aaaaargh!
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Hello, welcome to Minis!

This forum is huge so it can take some getting used to, I hope you come find us in the SW section though, it's a great place for motivation and support.

I'm awful for planning. Have you got any supermarkets near where you work? You could go in and pick out some carrot batons and low fat hummus (2.5 syns a tbsp or 28g hexb on green), or a fresh salad, couscous (can easily be made from scratch of you're near a kettle) or some mug shots/pot noodle in a mug etc. If not just try to find the best option at work, baked crisps, sandwich without mayo and preferably on wholemeal bread if you can.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your weight loss and I hope to see you around!

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
S: 14st1lb C: 12st7lb G: 8st13lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 1st8lb(11.17%)
Hi hun, :welcome: to the forums. Sorry to hear that you are feeling unmotivated, we all know what thats like, I get days when I'm like it too.

Do you have any goals that you can work toward? I find its much easier to set myself something like that and it keeps me going as I have a focus and a good reason to lose the weight. I have a couple of goals that I need to lose weight for and I'm determined to do it as I need to look good for these goals.

I also help myself by having some items of clothing that I want to fit into again, I find its helpful for myself to keep on trying on this item of clothing that I want to fit into, obviously don't get obsessed with trying it, just try it once every now and then and see how much more I have to go - its an inspiration for me every time the clothing is that little bit less tight on me.

Also I think you need people to talk to (like us on here!) and possibly keep track so that you can get it organised in your head about what you want to do with your diet. I find it heaps easier to keep track of things, it helps me see what I'm accomplishing. I've also joined a few of the exercise challenges on here which are fab.

Also hun I think its important not to set yourself an unreasonable goal. I have 4 stones in all to lose but I'm taking it a bit at a time which makes it seem so much less daunting. Right now I'm working on losing 1 stone at a time - its easier to think that way. I've already lost over 1st and am looking and feeling much better.

You should look at the success stories on here too, they're really great to help you want to accomplish what the other members on here have!
Most of all, don't beat yourself up too much if you have a naughty day food wise, its not the end of the world and we all do it, you've just got to pick yourself back up and start again!

Good luck and I hope you're inspired and motivated more soon! :) X

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