Any Newbies had there first weigh in on EE


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Hi there have any newbies had there first weigh in whilst on the extra easy plan? I have just returned to slimming world after 7 years and my first weigh in is Thursday. I am a nervous wreck as I have been doing the extra easy plan which doesn't seem right and it sooo different to the last time I was on sw.
Janet x:eek:
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I did EE with a night out and only 5 days lost 3.5lbs! I was well impressed!
Im sure you've done brilliantly!


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My first weigh in when I re-joined doing EE for the first time, I lost four pounds. I was thrilled!
I am sure you will do well. Don't worry.


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my 1st week i did a full week of EE and lost 4lbs, im gonna stay doing EE as its is easy

good luck x


I had my first weigh in last night, did EE all week, and lost 3 pounds! I have a food diary in the food diary section if you want to see what I have been eating.


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i gained weight and it was my first weigh depressing. i did it correctly aswell and did in on EE. IS this normal?


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I had my first wiegh in last night and i lost 5.5lbs in 6 days!!! (I changed group from Tues - Mon) I can't quite believe it! The weight losses at my group for the newbies ranged from +0.5lb to -6.5lb. Some of the people with smaller losses felt disappointed when the bigger losses were read out, but I think it will catch up next week for them. I'd be happy to STS next week but obviously I'd love a loss. I know my weight fluctuates over a 24 hour period so I'm going to try and look at monthly changes rather than focussing on the weekly losses.

I have a food diary in that section if you want to take a look.

Good Luck for your first weigh in!


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I have just been to weigh in after my first week on ee and I have lost 5lbs this week!! Good Luck x


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I'm not a newbie, I've done SW for a long long time but I've switched exclusively to EE. I lost 1.5lbs the first week and 2lbs the second week and these are good weight losses for me.
EE may feel wrong but if you are following the rules and having a third superfree foods with your meals then you will be fine!


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Yep, it def works. But I agree with above - the third of superfree foods rule is important.


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Hi, I'm halfway through my secondweek on EE, like you it doesn't feel right to be able to eat so much and still lose weight but the proof is in the pudding- muller light of course :) I lost 9lbs in my first week. Good luck on your weigh in I'm sure you'll have done brilliantly.


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Hi, i lost 6lb in my first week on ee. I used to be a weight watcher, which i know does work eventually, but felt i needed a change and sw ee was a shock, i never eat this much normally. Its great and real easy when feeding the rest of the family as well. We all eat the same which is fab and i don't feel i'm missing out. I am sure you will lose, don't worry. my loss each week does change but as yet i haven't gained so thats the main thing. good luck. x


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I joined in Oct and have only done EE so far. I lost 3.5lbs in my first week. Good luck for tomorrow, I'm sure you will have a great result.



Going Alone with SW Extra Easy

Hi there,

I'm following the extra easy plan and going it alone, so in all honesty i'm not sure i'm doing it completely right, but i lost 4lb last week so i'm really chuffed.

Like you, i was worried that it wouldn't worked after having success in the past following red or green, but so far so good.

You'll be fine - fingers crossed for you.



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I switched to extra easy in November last year my 1st loss was 5lbs and 2nd loss 3.5lbs. Found it very easy and once you get your head around the 3rd supper free rule you can eat almost anything.
I'm sure you will have done well on. Good luck for tomorrow.


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I re joined last night and like you find EE a bit odd to get my head around. My consultant didn't say a great deal re the super free foods so what exactly do i have to do?

I have a beef casserole cooking on the slow cooker (beef, onion, carrots, leeks and seasoning) and was just gonna have mash with it. Do i need to be having a load of veg too? I have had a chicken salad for my lunch, is that ok or should I be eating something else too?



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You have onion, carrot and leek in your casserole, they are all superfree so you should be okay as long as it's about a third of your meal.


S: 12st5lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: 0st3lb(1.73%)
Wow some good weight losses there! I will know where I have gone wrong if I gain or have a low loss, I haven't eaten loads of superfree foods. I wanted to get my head round the diet in the first week, next week I can knuckle down and make sure I fill up on superfree foods and make sure that I am well stocked up at home. Can't wait for the ice to go as I want to get out in the fresh air and start walking!! Will let you all know tomorrow how I have done. Well done to you all on your weight losses hope I can join you XXX
Janet X